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Return to Monkey Island expectedly comes packed full of smartly crafted puzzles, funny dialogue, and memorable characters. But as series creator Ron Gilbert returns to the series’ director’s chair for the first time since 1991, it unexpectedly offers a lot of heart, too. It is an adventure gamer’s delight.

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RaidenBlack141d ago

So happy with the positive scores the game's been getting

SimpleSlave141d ago

While I'm glad people are enjoying it, this looks even cheaper than I thought it would. Thimbleweed Park this is not and it pales in comparison to most of the games Wadjeteye Games have put out or indeed to a lot of the indie adventure games out there like Norco, Tales of the Neon Sea, Kathy Rain, etc.

It's really a shame because this is one of if not the most recognizable adventure games out there and I think one of the few that deserved the Big Person Pixel Art Budget.

This is a deep sale for me. I just can't look at those off putting graphics or worst, that floaty, weirdly jiggly animation, and not want to spend my time playing any of the other Adventure Games out there.

Abracadabra141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Wadjeteye Games have good games, but not a fan of pixelated graphics.
This is 2022... pixelated graphics should be forbidden by now.

CrimsonWing69141d ago

What in the world… pixel art is timeless and quite frankly, I’d have preferred the use of that over this art style. Not a deal breaker, but wow… I never thought I’d see someone against pixel art.

coolbeans141d ago

Yeah. I hate how poisoned the discourse around its art style has become thanks to a bunch of *****s, but I wasn't digging it since the first trailer. From the facial proportions to some of the backgrounds, it just looks cheap.

Petebloodyonion141d ago

My name is Murray!!! I'm a powerful demonic force!!!!

XiNatsuDragnel141d ago

Great things hopefully a sequel coming soon

antikbaka141d ago

characters blend with background. My eyes hurt trying to distinguish what is what

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