iPhone Nano Concept Photo?

Mac rumors writes:

"It seems the "iPhone Nano" is the rumor that is going take the spotlight ahead of this year's Macworld, and while MacRumors is publishing these photos and rumors, we have some serious doubts about the likelihood of such a device. These doubts are based both in the quality of the sources as well as the practicality of introducing a new form factor to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

This image, which was submitted anonymously, provides a glance at what the rumored iPhone nano may look like. The images appear consistent with previously released case designs for the rumored device."

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Parappa The Rappa3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

pretty retarted.

but the walmart rumor about the iphone is true. :) you get to save a whole 2 DOLLARS--WHOOOO!

Unfortunately, its walmart, which means if you ever have a problem with it, your stuck with it---no refunds will be done, and they will refer you straight to Apple for a refund(even though refunds have to be done at Point Of Sale, in which in this case is Walmart lol).

DR-IVO3638d ago

oh man, and I thought saving $50 on a mac on the after thanksgiving sale was a steal, boy was I wrong saving $2 on a iphone is the better bargin [/sarcasm]

you get better deals buying a car or a home then trying to get any good deals from apple.

CoolTrainer3638d ago

It would be most interesting if this were true though. They have to have a huge secret that they are going to reveal though.

TIKUP3638d ago

That is very gay, whos going to buy a striped down version of the iPhone?? Oh wait i know retards will!! :D

SiLeNt KNighT3638d ago

thats what i said about the wii. but look at it now..

a lot of people enjoy cheap..especially with the economy in the US right now.

Skerj3638d ago

That's stupid, you're losing valuable screen real estate with that thing. And since the screen is shrinking, so is your control range.

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The story is too old to be commented.