NPR commentary says Wii offers nothing but "a false sense of what it's like to compete in the world"

Parents often get a bad rap when it comes to video games. If they aren't complaining about how violent games are and then ignorantly buying their children the same games in the quest for pacifism, they're on a crusade to get their children to go outside and enjoy the real world. However, nothing you've seen, heard, or read before will prepare you for the latest parental concern regarding video games.

National Public Radio posted a commentary from Kelly McBride, a concerned parent, regarding her children's frequent use of the Wii. Rather than relishing the fact that the new toy has them off the couch and swinging their arms, Kelly worries that her children are equating the game version of the sports with the real-life counterpart; that is to say, the children are gaining "a false sense of what it's like to compete in the world."

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ChickeyCantor5705d ago

a nother BS thing, people dont read it.....its a waste of time

Rasputin20115705d ago

People will never stop to amaze what do people like this "Kelly McBride" want honestly? Is she just another one of these people who just want to "nitpick" at everything like movies,music,video games, and Television about how wrong all the Varieties are and how everybody should be all plain jane the same and should all gather round and sing koombiya....LOL give me a break lady the WII is great for anybody but especially youngsters when it comes down to hand eye co-ordination.

Harry5705d ago

Err.. So let me get this straight..

The Wii isn't real? It's a hologram or something?

And not every bloody person plays sport. So how is that the real world?

Also it's better than bloody sitting on the sofa. If anything she should be putting her efforts into stuff like Teenage pregnancy or smoking.