Call of Duty 4 vs. Call of Duty WaW - Shootout

PlanetXbox360: "With Call of Duty: World at War's initiation into the Call of Duty franchise, comparisons and preferences have been widely expressed and slung around unnecessarily frequently. Back when Call of Duty 3 came out, the talk wasn't nearly as heavy, and the winner of the battle was clearly Call of Duty 2 over 3 (or at least in my niche of friends). But now, Treyarch managed to, and I have no idea how, totally confuse the hell out of players as to the simple question of "which game is better." It's hard to say, really, since the two are, at their roots, the same game, albeit visual aesthetics are greatly improved and, well... all the inherit stuff that comes from being in World War II again.

There are differences between the two, though, some significant and some not, so I've made list of them. Since World at War is merely the same game with several new features in a blatant attempt to one-up Infinity Ward's game, I'll be structuralizing this list to display the best features; contrarily, for Call of Duty 4's list, it will be comprised of features that couldn't translate over to World at War; from either design choices, or being 70 years in the future, they will be mentioned."

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TheColbertinator3587d ago

Pfft easy win for Infinity Ward.

IW can compete with the FPS gods like Valve,id,and DICE.

SullyDrake3586d ago

Now match up the games themselves.

COD:WAW wins for me because of one thing: Trophies. IW has chosen to disregard PS3 owners and not do a patch despite many gamers still playing COD4 religiously.

Plus, Nazi Zombies effing rocks.

N4360G3586d ago

I agree.Infinity Ward rocks!! Call Of Duty 4 was awesome.Call Of Duty:World at War was ok,but it was nothing compared to Call Of Duty 4.I can't wait for Call Of Duty 6 by Infinity Ward.

AAACE53586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I kept trying to like WaW... but it's just not as much fun as CoD 4! 4 was so much fun, I went through the story twice, which is rare for me cause most games aren't worth the trouble.

With WaW, I was always ready to turn it off before I finished a mission, because I was so bored with it! I didn't like the multiplayer either. It seemed fun at first... but quickly got boring after a couple weeks.

The only think that irritates me more, is that I traded in my CoD 4 to get WaW! Now I have to buy 4 again, or wait another year for the next one.

Edit: Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays depending on your religion) to all!

evrfighter3586d ago

a shootout between the two? what the heck, WaW is a carbon copy of modern warfare...hell even the menus look the same. WaW is just for people who wondered what cod4 would look like if it was ww2 based.

Me and my team tried it. we played it for a day and went back to cod4 promod for competitive play. I personally didn't even finish the campaign mode.

goflyakite3586d ago

I love both, but right now I like WAW better.
Before you disagree, read on.
If the two were released at the same time, I'd play COD4 over WAW. It's just I grew tired of COD4 after putting like 17 days on it, and pretty much maxing everything out.

Bolts3586d ago

Not everyone is a trophy whore. Play the game for the game, not for achievements and trophies.

ape0073586d ago

omg,I have cod 4 on 360,it has achievements,got 1000 out of 1000 points

compare games,not features.

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JonahFalcon3586d ago

I don't play either. I'm burned out on CoD.

TIKUP3586d ago


Jubo13586d ago

There's one thing i disagree about with the article, he said he felt he got cheated in [email protected] but it was the complete opposite with me. When i die in [email protected] it's my fault but in 4 random grenades and other crap like that make me feel cheated. Overall both great games but 4 is better. BTW MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

yojoe263586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

It's hard for me to choose a definite winner because they are, to me, so similar. I really do like the dogs alot. I always felt like the other team just always took my helicopter out before it could even do any real damage in COD4. I think the dogs are a little tougher to do that with. I do very much agree with his statement though about dying alot of deaths that don't seem to be my fault. There have been many instances where I would be sniping (that's pretty much my specialty) and I could swear that I shot a guy directly in the chest or head, but the bullet detection just didn't take it and the guy turns around and shoots me one time and I die. Those things make me crazy but overall both games are so ridiculously good and so much fun! I guess since COD4 was so revolutionary that I have to give it the winning score. Oh and it's wonderful to see people saying Merry Christmas and not the lame, politically correct "happy holidays." Thank you for staying true to the spirit of the season. God bless you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! PSN: Frodo25

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