Neocrisis: New Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay Scans

Neocrisis: 4 new scans from famitsu which show some gameplay screens.


Correction the 4 scans show 2 pages each making 8 pages total.

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20093806d ago

i cant wait for this game

ZackFair3806d ago

These scans were posted last week, heck, the story even had 600+ degrees.

Geez, stop begging for hits NeoFail.

die_fiend3806d ago

U might wanna actually look at the pictures before you start spouting non-truths...This is from Famitsu, not the Jump Festa mag. And it clearly has some new images, but obviously you didn't notice. Please pay attention to what you're actually looking at before you saying silly things ie ZackFail

20093806d ago

this will be hands down one of the top games in 09

Liquid Snake3806d ago

***fingers crossed for Triple Triad or Tetra Master in FF13****

Liquid Snake3806d ago

not a person its a Final Fantasy card game in FF8 and FF9

20093806d ago

i remember playing the card games it was awesome

Jihaad_cpt3806d ago

I loved that mini game. Final Fantasy 8 was my favourite of the lot since the PS generation of Final Fantasy. I know lots of people don't feel that way

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LeGenDx3806d ago

would be so awesome ( they already have it for ff11 i think )

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The story is too old to be commented.