Gaming Shenanigans: CoD: World at War Review

At the end of the day, it's entirely fair to call World at War 'Call of Duty 4 with different guns and accents.' That's not a bad thing, though, as Call of Duty 4 was an amazing game and there are many people who would clamor for more, to say nothing of the World War II buffs who haven't fought in virtual Berlin recently. If you've had your share of Modern Warfare, though, and don't fancy not-quite-as-modern warfare, then there have to be at least a handful of other new releases vying for your money, and you may want to invest of one of them instead. Then again, flamethrowers and zombies.

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DragonWarrior465343675d ago

It sure is a great game. Its too bad most the weapons suck in the game. That the only thing that I didn't like. But there are some sic weapons in the game. Ray gun's and Flamethrower's ftw!

Slinger4203675d ago

This is probably the most underrated game of 08 for the reason that people aren't giving it the same credit they gave COD4. It definitely deserves it and I'm ecstatic to own both top notch FPS games. COD franchise PWNS.