Velvet Assassin Screenshots Feature "Normal Woman"

"In a new glimpse at the star of the upcoming Velvet Assassin, developer Replay Studios stresses that Violette Summer is no Lara Croft or similarly disproportionate game babe.

A press release says the developers didn't aim to sensationalize the war against the Nazis. "An integral part of that mission was to provide players with an intriguing view of the war by portraying a strong, yet normal (emphasis theirs) woman, not only in physique - but also in the reality of her abilities.""

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Grasty3799d ago

good article. well written

cain1413799d ago

lol I love how n4g auto cropped this one...

dannyhinote_133799d ago


It got the essentials, huh?

cain1413799d ago

So that's a "normal" woman huh?

Raz3799d ago

..It don't matter either way; I'd still do her twice before breakfast, and at least once before lunch. Flaws are interesting as long as they aren't too prominent or numerous - gotta have a nice balance. Nobody wants complete reality in a game anyway.

And Violette has a very nice balance indeed. (Lara who? Bring on the 'real' babes!)


italianbreadman3799d ago

If that haircut is "normal," lead be to the abnormal section, please.

Viewtiful3799d ago

So D-Cups and a 20 inch waist are what the Velvet Assassin team considers normal and realistic? Good god, D-Cups on skinny women didn't even exist until fast food became popular.

cain1413799d ago


umm... It's called silicon implants duh...

ihaten4glol3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Meh. She still looks pretty damn abnormal to me. You know, a perfect figure and all? A "normal woman" these days has far more imperfections. So I don't really agree with the point they're trying to make. Especially the fact that she's wearing a nightie. I call that fan service.

ambientFLIER3799d ago

That's not exactly normal then, now is it? They mean "real" and "natural".

Viewtiful3799d ago

Implants weren't invented until the 70s! Velvet Assassin takes place in the 40s!

christian hour3799d ago

I guess she KINDA looks like Violette Szabo... Dunno if Violette ever had that figure now though :P

thewhoopimen3798d ago

I seem to recall pinup girls from this time period being ALOT plumper. I mean considering how full bodied her figure is with those knockers. Hardly normal.

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James Abels3799d ago

I like the fact that they made a point that she is NOT Laura Croft.

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The story is too old to be commented.