The Pokemon Company apparently [doesn't understand ] nuzlocke [challenges]

Former Nintendo employees have spoken about The Pokemon Company's view on nuzlocke.

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SoulWarrior81d ago

What a ridiculous, outdated stuck in their views viewpoint, how in any way is this like level hacking? Nonsense.

Inverno81d ago

GF against having fun in their stale series, how surprising.

-Foxtrot81d ago

Their fun is just adding a shitty gimmick for each game and calling it a day

BrainSyphoned81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Nice stealth edit of your denied rumor

Gameseeker_Frampt81d ago

Who the hell wrote that title? Is basic understanding of grammar and sentence structure too much to expect in N4G submissions?

LG_Fox_Brazil81d ago

It was edited after approval

Gameseeker_Frampt81d ago

That doesn't change anything. Some fool still wrote a bad title. Are we supposed to just ignore it when moderators edit submissions to have ridiculous titles?

81d ago