Japan Game Awards Future Division Winners Announced at TGS 2022: Final Fantasy XVI & More

The CESA has announced the 10 most-anticipated titles that won the Japan Game Awards Future Division at Tokyo Game Show 2022

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Street Fighter 6 - M. Bison Gameplay Trailer

M. Bison gallops into Street Fighter 6 on June 26 with Psycho Power, knee presses, and head stomps in tow.

From riches to rags, the amnesiac dictator rides across the land on his stallion searching for an identity to make him smile.

Owners of the Year 2 Character Pass and Ultimate Pass will automatically get access to M. Bison when he unlocks.

Rynxie7d ago

That was extremely underwhelming


Street Fighter 6 Year 2 to include Fatal Fury and King of Fighters characters

During Summer Games Fest four new characters were announced for Street Fighter 6 Season 2 including Fatal Fury and KOF characters.

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darthv729d ago

so this is how they get around requests for a new Capcom vs SNK.

Terry_B9d ago

Capcom made excellent decisions there with all 4 characters but due to everything else in SF6 I stick to my choice to buy the game when there is the complete edition. won't be milked by capcom ever again.

Bhuahahaha8d ago



Street Fighter 6 Balance Patches Will Be "More Frequent" Than Yearly, Director Says

According to Director Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 6 balance patches will now be pushed from "time to time" instead of annually.

PapaBop17d ago

Honestly they should create a balance schedule and stick to it. "From time to time" is ambiguous and with the competitive scene booming, the last thing we need is NRS like knee jerk balance patches. I think twice a year is fair, half way through a season and then the start of the next season.