Why Action Game Cameras Suck (Mostly)

One thing about the action game genre that has less evolved and to an extent has even gotten worse is the use of camera in most action games.

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SinisterMister71d ago

Good read. Some of the games mentioned in the article really do put you through your paces in terms of getting the camera right.

Bathyj71d ago

Manipulating the camera in over the shoulder view games is as much a part of the game play as it is in a first-person shooter. It's not a crutch to have a close-up camera it's a design decision to give the look and feel the developer is going for. God of Wars no cut camera is a feature many loved and gave a great connect to the action and story. Would Last of us's story have the impact it does if it was top-down isometric? I doubt it.

This article feels like an ad for Bayonetta by the end.

Cameras pulled way back so the characters are tiny is fine if that's what you're going for but it doesn't mean all games should be like that.

Nacho_Z71d ago

I don't have a lot to add to this but I'll say that whenever there's an option to do so I'll always have the camera close in.

Football games are a good example, yes if you zoom out to a birds eye view you can see everything unfolding like a general on a battlefield, and you'll be effective, but it's not fun to play that way in terms of enjoyable gameplay or immersion.

Solitariussaint71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Wow this writer sucks at modern action games. Controlling the camera with the right stick has been a thing since the original DualShock, it's been commonplace ever since.

If you have trouble with God if War '18 and Dark Souls camera angles, then you're pretty much bad at controlling the camera period.

I prefer having the camera up close too for the most part, I wanna see more detail and be up close to the action.

Hofstaderman70d ago

Why use God of War as a thumbnail? I didn’t have an issue with the camera