Gaming's greatest guns

CVG have compiled what they would like to think is the definitive list of virtual boomsticks, covering some of their favourite shooters of the last ten years and inspiring more than a smidgen of nostalgia.

Simply put, if you were tooled-up with these bad boys not even Megatron or the old bloke from Kill Bill could stop you from tearing up the streets. So without further ado, here are CVG's favourite toys...

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Torch4898d ago

Although the shrink ray was indeed fun, there were soooo many fun and satisfying cool weapons that are nothing short of honorable mentions, such as the Freeze Gun (which allows you to shatter your foe with a swift kick), the Trip Bombs (nothing like hearing your enemy get blow up thanks to you, while you're at the opposite end of the map.)...and my most satisfying and all-time favourite: The good ol' RPG!!!!

Good times, good times.

<single tear stream down cheek while staring absent-mindedly off into the distance.>

MySwordIsHeavenly4898d ago

where's the freakin' log gun from Painkiller???

Booneral4897d ago

Woo-hoo REDEEMER! that was awesome for multi-kills.

Hayabusa 1174897d ago

Small list considering the horendous amount of games that have guns.

Thumbs up for mensioning the pistol from Halo CE though! I've always hated the way games start you of with a pistol that's absolutly useless. The fact that poeple (read: n00bs) winge about it being too powerful in multiplayer, makes it even better!