Classic Jurassic Park Scene Somehow Recreated In PlayStation Game

Media Molecule's Dreams is, I am convinced, some form of dark magic.

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deleted184d ago

Holy crap! I haven't hopped in Dreams in a few months, so I'm going to fire this up tonight. I see that you can view it in PSVR, which is absolutely insane!

Thank you for sharing this. I like seeing these extremely talented Dreams creators highlighted. The game doesn't get enough attention, but I hope to see a PSVR2 version make this take off better in the future! *crossing fingersª

AnotherProGamer184d ago

I thought he was showing the movie first to compare but turns out that was made in Dreams. crazy

Godmars290184d ago


Its called practice and skill, son.

Akarogg 184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Yep, I think patience is the most important thing to have as a Dreams creator. Most creators aren't skilled in the beginning, but you'll become skilled if you have enough patience and dedication. This learning process however is the antithesis of instant gratification and is a challenge to overcome for most people.

MadLad184d ago

Dreams actually is an awesome engine.
Haven't played the game in a while, but probably should jump back in.

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