Phantom Fury Announced As An Ion Fury Sequel

The prior game was fun so hopefully this is as well. Phantom Fury, a road movie-inspired first-person shooter starring Ion Fury’s Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison.

AnotherProGamer635d ago

damn SiN is back too, underrated game

Ninver635d ago

This game looks nuts. Loving the art direction and gameplay

Garethvk635d ago

I guess the Ion add on pack is not happening now.

Yui_Suzumiya635d ago

Hell yes! Loved the first game so can't wait for this.

Ninver635d ago

What's the first one called?

Yui_Suzumiya634d ago

Ion Fury. I have a physical copy for Switch. It's uses the build engine like Duke Nukem 3D. The MC is just like a female version of Duke Nukem as well.

Ninver634d ago

Thanks! I'll be getting it after I finish a few backlogs


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