Xbox remains open to further acquisitions as it ‘strives to be a major player’

Microsoft wants to continue growing Xbox content, whether organically or though M&A

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darthv7271d ago

While i commend their desire to grow... I feel the money would be better spent on finishing the games that their current studios have trouble completing in a timely manner.

Christopher71d ago

I don't think that's their highest priority. I think they have a goal on how to start the next "generation" and they need a certain level of market control, not on-time games.

71d ago

@vxhyuahcsgzzdlxzum It wouldn't benefit Microsoft to attempt to control 100% of gaming since that would make them an easy target for anti-compete proponents and regulators.

I'm sure part of the reason MS chose to keep COD on Playstation is to ensure that Sony continues to be the market leader so that the spotlight is always on them when it comes to these "monopoly" conversations.

VenomUK71d ago

Microsoft has repeatedly said statements that mean opposing things. First it said that it would keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Last week we learnt it told Sony this would be for just three more years beyond its promotional partnership for the franchise. Now Xbox in a PR statement and not in a legal capacity has said VGC: “In its response to the CMA’s announcement, Xbox said “it makes zero business sense for Microsoft to remove Call of Duty from PlayStation given its market leading console position.””

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Noskypeno71d ago

There was a time when Spiderman wasn't a Sony property.

Sharky23171d ago

If they own everything then the future doesn’t look too good. I don’t want one group to own everything.

S2Killinit71d ago

That has always been my issue with MS, they are not about making games and competing. They want to dominate by purely corporate means. They are eating up the industry not becaise they need more studios to maximize game production, they want more studios so they can keep the games off other platforms.

kayoss71d ago

That’s the problem. They keep making promises that they never keep. All these acquisitions but yet we haven’t seen or heard anything.

Christopher71d ago

***There was a time when Spiderman wasn't a Sony property.***

Sony doesn't own Spider-man. They just have a license agreement for its use in film and the few games they make. Spider-man, for example, is in the upcoming Midnight Suns game, not made or in any way published by Sony.

This is, IMHO, the best way to control IP. License them out to many parties who can make good games with them.

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sparky7771d ago

I am pretty sure they are doing both, the money MS spends on purchases isn't the same money used for funding game development.

darthv7271d ago

given the current track record for releases... I'd say otherwise. all of their projects that have yet to be released need as much help in getting finished as they can. buying up other studios doesn't solve that problem, it only adds more that they would need to manage instead of managing what they have.

Christopher71d ago

Yeah, that's why they're being reviewed right now, btw. Because it's not Xbox profits being used to buy things, but Big Microsoft buying out the competition. And, if you don't think that affects Xbox studios, you're heavily misguided. Just look at their recent plans to not deliver on Halo features they said they would deliver on. They've got the money to make it happen, but they can't even compete with No Man's Sky in delivering on missed promises.

ABizzel171d ago

Unfortunately, I agree with Darth on this. Most of the studios they bought for Xbox have underwhelmed or still don't have release dates for their games. Meanwhile, they're primarily surviving off of GamePass and the Publishers they purchased.

From a games perspective, this is been a subpar start for Xbox, and possibly their worst (which is saying a lot) and mainly because Launch and 2022 have have been poor for Series.

It's like MS said let's just launch the 2 consoles, one with really good specs, one at a budget cost, and then survive on GamePass for the entire generation, while we buy publishers, and try to take the gaming crown in 2028 when Xbox 5 launches and we own Bethesda, Activision, and possibly EA / Ubisoft / etc...

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Jin_Sakai71d ago

Like Phil said, Tencent are already the worlds largest gaming company. It’s either sit back and let them aggressively take over the gaming industry of continue being a major player yourself.

Christopher71d ago

Incomparable. Tencent only owns 100% in fewer studios than Microsoft or Sony. But they own stakes in a ton of video game studios and that's why they are seen as bigger, not because they own more games, make more money, or the like. They just spread their money out far and wide for stakeholder investment.

Furthermore, Phil saying that isn't forgiving their position, they're setting the goalpost for them and that's Tencent. Let alone with Bethesda and Activision/Blizzard, they then own the most profitable third-party IP, way more valuable than all of Tencent's 100% owned Western companies.

Furthermore, Tencent doesn't own hardware. Microsoft does. That means they're leveraging new software purchases to push out other hardware companies. That's the issue here. If Microsoft went 100% software, this issue wouldn't exist. But it does so the issue is of concern.

GamingSinceForever71d ago

Apparently money isn’t the issue with MS and their studios.

crazyCoconuts71d ago

Scary that I'm agreeing with you more and more Darth. I think this massive increase in size is really something MS has to adjust to and make sure they apply the appropriate amount of oversight to. Stabilize the org and improve it before jumping in with another acquisition...

darthv7271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I'm not a bad person, I just have opinions that jive with different people from time to time. We may not always agree but there is bound to be some that we do.

crazyCoconuts71d ago

I know, I'm just enjoying the synergy of our ideology for this rare moment in time 😉

Godmars29071d ago

Would be better spent establishing a basic/stable foundation for current studios you mean.

As is they're just adding to the piles of waste and stagnation.

darthv7271d ago

That's another way of putting it.

Why add more place settings at the table when they can't even get the food out to those who have been waiting with empty plates?

neutralgamer199271d ago

That statement means they are done. Whatever they say usually means opposite and they best hope UK and EU approve their Activision acquisition because Sony as a brand is a major player in EU

Personally speaking this acquisition shouldn't be approved unless Ms can give in writing that most of these big franchises will not be exclusive. BTW this is coming from a Xbox fan. Long term I hate the fact acquiring publishers is considered normal

Right now Xbox side might be happy but if this means Sony will buy square Capcom or Sega and make those games exclusives does that really mean more choices for gamers or less

Sadly if Activision acquisition is approved we best believe sony will invest 15-20 billion more and they have the inside track to acquire Japanese publishers anyway

As gamers we want to buy the platform of our choice and get equal support from these 3rd party publishers

Anghellic71d ago

Sony delayed horizon and god like 3 times 😆

Godmars29071d ago

How's Halo infinite again?

jznrpg70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

And they released games at launch and games after that one time . Covid affected them too but what’s MS excuse now ? It’s not covid it’s not money and it’s not studios . It’s that they don’t care about this gen at all and are looking to get as many 3rd party games off PlayStation for the future . That is their only goal right now take away from PS as much as they can instead of making good games now with their limitless money we always hear about .

Lifexline71d ago

Are people not smart enough to realize as each generation comes games take longer to make. Microsoft’s problem is revealing their games too early when they are still a few years off. They will be fine they have an abundance of games coming out in the next couple of years almost too many.

But it makes sense they obviously have ambitions to be the biggest player in gaming and currently they are not I believe that is what they mean by becoming a major player.

Godmars29071d ago

MS's problem is that they're putting the cart before the cart.

And no, didn't et the old saying "putting the cart before the horse" wrong, its just that they are that inept when it comes to making games.

no one can argue that they're great with online infrastructure, that they created online for consoles, thing is that's all they've ever really been focused on: games for the servicing of that infrastructure.

onisama71d ago

Studios actually doing well its just that games now take 4 to 6 years, but the initiative and 343 are having issues but money won't solve it because they are already large and highly paid... Their is something wrong but they won't point it out

strifeblade71d ago

Actually probably not. You need talent. Not money. I would recommend they keep acquiring studios

hiawa2370d ago

I leave it to them as to how to run their company, but something tells me they are doing both and more. Why do you think they are not?

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sparky7771d ago

They should go for SE, Capcom or Sega next and call it a day for publisher purchases and just focus on smaller independent studios.

On a side note it's hilarious how Phil acts like Xbox isn't a major player, they really want to be seen as the little guy so they can keep acquiring.

Crows9071d ago

Yeah. That's their BS shining thru their teeth.

Is Bethesda a major publisher? Is ea Activision? If yes then obviously so is Microsoft .

TriniOutsider71d ago

Those companies are doing just fine and I doubt they would sell. Capcom right now alone is on fire. I would rather those three stay 3rd party and continue releasing games on all platforms.

shinoff218371d ago

Naw. They need to chill. Let sony buy something. They just bought 2 publishers. Its kind of annoying. Atleast sony buying studios(not publishers) they typically bought obes that made games only on playstation to begin with

porkChop71d ago

They don't need to buy any more publishers. All they're really missing is some Japanese teams. They currently have one but that's not enough. I still don't know why they haven't approached Mistwalker, which is Hawaii. They're off doing mobile crap. Get Sakaguchi back making epic RPGs.

darthv7271d ago

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey sequels are long overdue.

ChiefofLoliPolice71d ago

Man no dude. We don't need companies buying up mega publishers. That's the last thing gaming needs. And thanks to MS and Tencent for getting that ball rolling.

jznrpg71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

More MS than anyone . Ten cent has mostly bought small stakes not entire publishers . MS is crap for gaming and we most of us know it

stonecold371d ago

not allowed to own any japanese company in japan because restriction laws they can build small studio there

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MadLad71d ago

I've been calling an official acquisition of Sega for a while now.
They've been close company brethren since even before the original Xbox.

Now we have Microsoft officially stating they're going to start making a point to cater to the Japanese market again.

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KillBill71d ago

Phil does not act like they aren't a major player. They simply identify the point of which they are playing from compared to other "major players". As for being "the little guy"... in terms of the the game industry they are as is well reminded by all the Sony followers, not in their league. Are they looking at changing that? For sure, but not the same way Sony or others in the market are trying to keep their lead. They have long term goals that have a wider outlook that gets them in a position to move beyond simply the current market as it is seen. Buckle up kids... the ride is going to get bumpy.

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XiNatsuDragnel71d ago

So imo you should focus on building studios rather than purchase it

Crows9071d ago (Edited 71d ago )

When has Microsoft ever built a studio or new IP? In the last 10 years?

darthv7271d ago

the initiative in 2018 comes to mind. i know i know... they havent released anything yet. But you asked and i answered

Iberius71d ago

If you do the math, Microsoft could create 152 new AAA $500,000,000 games with the amount of money they are spending to purchase both Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. That's what annoys me more than anything. Think of all the successful endeavors they could pursue. But nope, gotta get COD in perpetuity for Gamepass.

VersusDMC71d ago

They are not buying Activision to put their games on gamepass. They are buying them to get them off playstation.

When the current Sony contract with Activision ends Microsoft can throw a ton of money at Activision to put all COD games on gamepass day 1. They did it with MLB, Outriders,Plague Tale 2,etc...

onisama71d ago

the problem is there is a limited talent in the industry yes they can create many studios but you need lot of time and downs to get them to make major games ....from a business point activision will never be cheaper to buy microsoft is taking adventage of the issues happening inside the company to get it with a steal price....what the benifit for xbox? 1 billion from yearly sales + microtransaction money also they get to be "the best place to play COD'' and market their console with the biggest game frenshise ever ....remember that 70& of players that only play sport games and COD

darkrider71d ago

Monopoly. Nothing more. Anybody with half a brain already understand their plan. And the history of Microsoft is well known. The lack of preparation for this Gen from Microsoft is unbelievable. Still remember the pr talk of a new game every 3 months...

Fishy Fingers71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Not quite, far from it infact, theyre 3rd in share after Tencent and Sony. Neither of which having larger than 20% market share. Wheres the monopoly there?

Compared to PC OS for example where MS have 75%, thats an actual monopoly.

darkrider71d ago

Yeah, but do you think they are stopping. They are just waiting for this huge deal to get approved. Money isn't the problem. Before you know it....

Crows9071d ago (Edited 71d ago )

It's a monopoly in gaming development. There aren't many other well known and established 3rd party publishers after purchasing all of zenimax and if the deal goes through all of EA activision.

Microsoft now has more dev teams than yeah

HardKnockKid2470d ago

Lol you guys are so hurt it’s hilarious. After this I won’t even come here to post anymore just come here to laugh at y’all complaining about something you absolutely can’t stop. When y’all start saying MS has a monopoly because they have more dev teams that Sony you clearly have either lost or never had the ability to even SLIGHTLY think critically. Just do a quick dictionary search for the word monopoly before continuing this idiocy

ApocalypseShadow71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Dark, I've been saying this for years with a whole brain. Lol. Over and over.

The Xbox platform isn't making money to grow the platform,. Microsoft proper decided to buy their market share by force by buying publishers that made more money on PlayStation. And they know this.

Instead of growing their developers and growing their games organically, they plan to force compliance to them changing the industry to subscriptions and services. We know they have billions to make their games better. They don't want that. They want full control of the market to change what they can't beat Sony on. Single player makes money. But Microsoft wants connection to Internet 24 /7. Which means services and subscriptions to play.

Fishy said they're third. But if they become second, who does he think they'll go after next for full control? It's like they don't have glasses on. Tencent and Embracer are multiplatform companies. Microsoft is forcing exclusive to theirs and game pass.

Some of these guys have delusions. Embrace Extend Extinguish. Like I've been always saying. Knowing it was their plans years ago

Fishy Fingers71d ago

LOL... "full control", so dramatic. Second doesnt make a molopoly. Nor does first. That was purely all I was saying.

Jericho133771d ago

Don’t know if you’re actually trying to orchestrate a conspiracy theory or simply having a meltdown, but either way I’m here for it,

ApocalypseShadow71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Microsoft tried to play fair with the original Xbox. The traditional way of competition. But more power wasn't enough without games backing it up. So, they jumped out there with 360. But found jumping the gun with a busted system isn't a good idea. And again, it was the games that allowed Sony to catch Microsoft with PS3.

A lot of analysts thought Sony was going to lose against Xbox one. Sony showed that games matter and destroyed Microsoft in every way that Microsoft couldn't even report traditional numbers for games or hardware.

Microsoft proper are like, if we can beat them, buy out the games that support PlayStation beyond first party. Fishy, if they end up owning all major third party publishers, what do you think will happen to the market? It will sway towards Microsoft's intentions. And those intentions are, digital games connected to online with a subscription service connected for annual revenue. Single player games aren't connected to Internet. Physical isn't either. If Microsoft were confident in their own studios and games, they would have no reason to buy up publishers. Their intent is to change the market and control it. Not beat Sony through fair competition. But they have billions to spend making that happen. They could make their games better with 70 billion. Any excuses on why most of their games under perform when they have the money and resources are excuses. Buying up publishers doesn't make their own games better. It just takes away from the competition.

Lightning7771d ago

"Instead of growing their developers and growing their games organically, they plan to force compliance to them changing the industry to subscriptions and services."

Again with all this "Organically" BS. What do you call Sony buying Bungie for their Live service expertise MP infrastructure? How come Sony can't just train its devs in making live service games or making Multiplayer games? I'm sure you have an excuse for that.

DOMination-71d ago

When was the last time Sony built a studio? PS2 era wasn't it?

HardKnockKid2470d ago

@lightning and DOM, they don’t really operate in logic. They WIKI Xbox and come here without researching their lord and savior Sony and end up looking like hypocrites, OH just like Sony! Sony does everything that MS does and worse. $70 games, price hikes on 2 year old consoles, upgrade fees. How are these things alright?? TLOU remake at $70??? Are you serious? Most of the game is the SAME game. The production costs do not justify $70. There’s some real serious Stockholm syndrome amongst these folks.

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MS needs to actually release AAA games in a timely manner with the studio’s they currently have before buying additional studios. It’s ridiculous that the Series X has been out roughly two years yet not a single AAA next gen game has been released.

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northpaws71d ago

AAA games will be released in a timely manner when they own 100% of the industry, that's their strategy.

onisama71d ago

wait so halo infinite forza horizon 5 psychornaut 2 arent AAA games?

Crows9071d ago (Edited 71d ago )

He said triple A next gen games. So no.

But on your point...halo infinite is a live service game, psychonauts 2 is multiplatform and on last gen same with Forza. Psychonauts 2 isn't really a triple A. I'm not saying it's bad or worse for it...budgets don't make a game good.

purple10171d ago

Wait indeed. Psychonaughts 2 is on Playstation 4 to and steam for PC.

Just because it's on gamepass it's not exclusive to Microsoft.

So yeh, just Forza. & Halo.

HardKnockKid2470d ago

@onisama, they can release 40 AAA games in 40 days and they will find a way to disqualify every single one of them. When their favorite game is reviewed anywhere below a 9, the reviewer is insane. It’s impossible for different people to like different things. AAA is what THEY say is AAA. Bonkers logic, don’t argue with these folks