iZ3D Previews Three New 2009 3D Display Proto types at CES

The new prototypes include:

New iZ3D Immersion Series that gives users an incredible total 3D effect.It is a Triple iZ3D monitor setup with a flight or racing game simulator that really puts players in the experience!

26" iZ3D Prototype -- Thought the 22-inch widescreen was awesome? Wait until you see the 26-inch version!

22" Widescreen Console Game Compatible Prototype -- Now play many popular Xbox®, PS3® and Wii® games in 3D on the new iZ3D 22-inch game compatible monitor.

In addition the company will be showcasing a demo retail box and system setup displayed at iZ3D retail locations with self-running software demo and signage. A Far Cry 2 themed, custom painted iZ3D monitor and matching system from Intel®. Attendees will be able to take an up-close look at the incredible limited edition Smooth Creations painted iZ3D monitors.

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