Logitech G502 X Plus Review

John writes, "Coming in at $159.99, G502 X Plus is certainly an expensive mouse. Is it a good upgrade if you already have the G502 Lightspeed? I would say probably not unless your old mouse has been worn down through extensive use. The G502 X Plus does offer outstanding performance, and the switches are top notch. I absolutely love the switches on the G502 X Plus and I really hope they perform well over time. I’m also not a big RGB person, but if you want lights on your mouse, it does look bright and consistent; it’s just too bad that it sucks so much battery life when in use. It covers a lot more area than the G that was glowing in the previous mouse, but again it’s covered up when you are using the mouse in your hand. A refinement in design over the G502 Lightspeed, the G502 X Plus is a great feeling gaming mouse that continues the great design of the G502 line, but you could save some cost by picking up the G502 X Lightspeed version to bypass the RGB lightstrip as well as save a little weight."

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1nsomniac78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I have the logitech G Pro mouse and G715 keyboard and they’re both great but they’re just soo noisy! Despite how good they are I’d go for something silent next time.

Any ideas how quiet this mouse is?