If Nioh was Team Ninja's Dark Souls, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty feels like its Sekiro - Eurogamer

Like both Nioh games before it, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty feels like a more than worthwhile twist on the ever-popular action RPG template.

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144d ago
lucian229143d ago

very very very far from feeling like Sekiro; Sekiro was very rhythmic in the way it played. This game feels a bit like Nioh and Ninja Gaiden mixed. I didn't feel left satisfied after being boss though; and it carries on over the horrible loot system of Nioh which is a big negative for me. I may buy the game when it's on sale; I was very hype for this game but it's just Nioh honestly, just with slightly better combat. Level design is atrocious, at least the level in the demo

Inverno143d ago

You misspelled Breath of the Wild. Come one you know want to, when you saw the glider that's what you thought

godofiron143d ago

Breath of the Wild did not invent the concept of gliding, or gliders in videogames.

The Game you're thinking of is called Rise of the Ronin.

Inverno143d ago

I think you misunderstood my comment. I'm poking fun at the constant comparisons all these sites make with BoTW.