Sony carves its own path for PSVR2

PSVR has become a distinct segment of the VR space in its own right – but can the next version crack open a mainstream market?

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darthv7273d ago

Looking forward to this. Sadly no PSVR1 support but that isnt a deal breaker. i have a Pro for that still.

blackblades73d ago

It was expecting honestly but people were hoping making those same people mad now and throwing hate again at Sony.

Profchaos73d ago

Yeah I remember I upset a lot of people when I pointed out that Sony has not once talked about bc for the vr1 and that the controller and tracking would require work to.simply port over so don't expect it. But after the ps5 got full ps4 bc it was something that seemed like a possibility to people despite never being uttered

_SilverHawk_73d ago

I do hope that some psvr1 games can be ported to the psvr2. Games like ironman, blood and truth, astrobot and a few more. I'm hoping people don't cry about the prices of those ports if developers have to spend months or over a year porting them because I can see sony not wanting to bother paying devs to port games because of backlash. I would definitely like a proper remake of blood and truth with a bit more freedom and added content for psvr2. I cant wait for psvr2 and I'm hoping firewall zero 2 is amazing

Mr_cheese73d ago

PSVR 1 would have held the PSVR2 back in the same way that cross gen game releases is holding the next gen back.

It's a tough one financially for us all, but long term the right decision

darthv7273d ago

Not quite the same thing. Im simply talking about bc as in the way PS5 can play PS4 games and often improved at the same time. A PSVR game getting a performance boost from being played not only on a 5 but the VR2. Would have been a really nice bonus.

Mr_cheese73d ago

Apologies, I didn't realise you were speaking specifically about BC

73d ago
porkChop73d ago

I believe you can still use your PSVR1 on the PS5, so it's not that big of an issue.

darthv7273d ago

Of course, its just a matter of convenience. Sony made it convenient to play 4 games on a 5 so I figured they'd extend that to VR as well. Like I said, not a deal breaker.

Profchaos73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

You're right it's not but it would be nice to play games like skyrim with proper controllers.

Plus having to have the old breakout box on my TV is a inconvenience as my TV is hdmi 2.1 and the breakout box is 2.0 meaning I can't get 4k 120 fps modes on supported games unless I bypass it.

And storing two headsets under my TV is a bit annoying

gangsta_red73d ago

How can the PSVR2 not play any of the games from PSVR1?

It's not like the tech is super old...or is it using some type of proprietary tech like the PS3 and therefore none of the games can carry over?

Eonjay73d ago

So the obvious reason is the tracking. They are obviously not compatible with each other and are completely different. However this probably makes porting way easier with the Quest. The controllers are the second reason.

DMgHalt73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I think that it has more to do with incompatibility rather than not being able to play the VR1 games because of hardware limitations.

Then again, it's very possible that Sony just wants the VR1 to die, and this is one of the ways they can make that happen faster.

Profchaos73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Massive difference in tracking technology and controllers it would require work on each game to get it running but apparently Sony is releasing a tool to help port old vr games to vr2.

All vr1 controllers used outside cameras to track light even duel shock compatible games that's impossible on ps5 there's no lights anywhere on the controllers shown or the duelsense (which only has a very small one,)

I'd expect a large quantity of ports, remakes and enhanced editions

gangsta_red73d ago

All very informative answers.

1Victor73d ago

In the essence it’s a ps3 to ps4 with the v1 and vr2 remember the vr1 uses a outside camera to view the light on the headset and controllers to read movements and view directions vr2 have haptics and build in cameras and new controllers that read fingers movements features not found on vr1.
For vr1 games to work on vr2 the developers will need to rebuild the game coding to work around those differences and if the game didn’t make much money it wouldn’t be worth the extra work but we might see high name games li resident evil 7 been remastered to work on vr2.
Do I want vr1 games on vr2 YES I DO but I understand it’s not possible to do it natively 😭and I wished I could use the vr1 rifle on vr2 but that’s a wishful thinking

crazyCoconuts73d ago

I respectfully disagree... I'm pretty sure this is not a technological decision

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northpaws73d ago

@darthv72 why do you need a Pro for PSVR1? PS5 can use PSVR1 as well.

darthv7273d ago

Because i have a pro with VR already hooked up.....

Profchaos73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I've heard rumours that Sony is releasing a new development pipeline toolkit to allow for easy porting to bring a vr1 game to native ps5 and controller schemes.

So I wasn't expecting backwards compatibility tbh but I do expect the bigger games on the system like superior, skyrim (if ms allows) and blood and truth will get port's with enhancements.

Check this tweet from psvr without parole who has a in with a number of devs stating that they are reworking games

darthv7273d ago

That would be sweet if they are able to patch existing games to take advantage of the newer controllers and HMD. I'd even pay the $10 upgrade fee for that too.

Profchaos73d ago

@darth I'd agree on a upgrade fee as most of the vr studios are quite small so I'd be happy to give a little more for it

BLAKHOODe73d ago

I still have my PSVR, but I'm done buying games for it for this reason. That said, I'm really interested in that Transformers game, but unless it'll work on PSVR2, I'm not buying it.

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DMgHalt73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Do you have to have a playstation 5 to use the PSVR2, or is the VR like it's own console? It doesn't matter to me, since I have a PS5, I'm just curious.

Eonjay73d ago

More than likely you will be able to use it on PC VR in the future because of the USB. The real challenge will be getting the controllers to work. But this will be solved too.

Profchaos73d ago

The homebrew scene has the psvr1 working with pc vr so anything is possible

CrimsonWing6973d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Must have a PS5. It has a single cable that hooks into it. I’d assume similar to how you can hook a Meta to a gaming PC to run things like Alyx that the device can’t run natively.

Petebloodyonion73d ago

You need the PS5 to make the PSVR2 work.
There's a rumor that the headset could work on PCVR by default but it's still a rumor at this point.

northpaws73d ago

I think it is not backward compatible as in nothing would just work out of the box, but nothing stops developers to give gamers paid or free upgrade of existing PSVR titles. PSVR and PSVR2 (while both are VR), are two very different beasts, from control to the way it tracks.

Eonjay73d ago

You absolutely right. No Man's Sky is already doing it. Also, hopefully devs will not only patch in the new control but also beef up the resolution and graphics

Petebloodyonion73d ago

Nah it's Sony you're talking about don't expect a FREE upgrade since they are not making a profit for free and most Vr publishers are not big enough to make Sony bend the knee so expect the majority to be released again at 15-20$ with some exception like No man Sky, Resident Evil 7 and some big name to have a 10$ upgrade path.

northpaws72d ago


What Sony bend the knee? They can't stop developers from releasing free updates. And even if it is not free, do you expect developers to work for free? Like you said they are not big enough, or are you one of those entitled gamers that think everything should be free and all games should be day one on GamePass?

Petebloodyonion71d ago

"They can't stop developers from releasing free updates"
free update no they can't.
Free game? yes, cause don't forget there's no Bc compatibility for PSVR games, meaning that an upgrade is a new PS5 game.

" do you expect developers to work for free?"
Last I checked dev are paid by salary and I'm pretty sure that a publisher would have preferred to keep selling old PS4 games with patches instead of re submitting a complete new game for Ps5, fracturing the player base for multiplayer games, etc., etc.

I fail to see your point with day 1 Gamepass
But here is what I expect
I expect to not repay my music library when I change phone
I expect that my Steams (or other launchers) games are still playable when I change computers or OS
I expect that my digital movie will still work when I change PC/ TV/ keyboard, etc.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Really not happy that my PSVR 1 library isn’t compatible with this.

sourOG73d ago

Thankfully I didn’t buy many psvr games. I bought resident evil 7 (worth it alone), blood and truth (awesome) and Tetris effect(awesome). That was my paid psvr library and I was happy with it lol. The rest was psplus.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

RE7 was the big one that came to mind. Was hoping to be able to play that and then hop into RE8. I have the PSVR 1 all boxed up and there’s no way I’m hooking that all up again.

crazyCoconuts73d ago

Might be enough to keep me from getting one. I'm really miffed about this

KillBill73d ago

Don't worry... your library will be likely remade for PSVR-2 and at a higher new price point. You can simply buy it all again.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Lol, I mean wouldn’t that be something? I’m not gonna lie, I’d probably break down for RE7.

sourOG73d ago

Hoping I wont have to fight for one. Probably too much to ask.

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