Motorstorm Online Impressions

Kotaku just spent a hour or so playing Motorstorm Online with some PR folks and other media.

"Not only is online play a total blast, but this latest build seems to have a few more graphics tweaks, so the game looks even better. Maybe I'm crazy but in past builds I don't remember things like an overcast sky or the sun setting as I was running a dusk race.

The good news is that the online build plays with all of the graphic bells and whistles and no apparent slow-downs in game. Of course I was only playing with seven others and the servers were absolutely empty except for us, so I suppose there could be issues when it launches, but I sorta doubt it."

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Captain Tuttle4894d ago

It's good to hear a positive Sony story for a change.

Mikemach4894d ago

I ordered the Japan version last week from Japangames online and I've played it for 4 nights and I love this game. It doesn't feel slow at all and the graphics are kick ass. Hell I crashed a bunch of times just because I was looking around admiring the scenery. I wish they would have given more tracks early on to get away from running the same 4 tracks over and over. I like the ticket system and the Semi's are actually fun to race. The mud will blow your mind how realistically it works. I'd say a 8. to a 9 is fair. I'm a Xbox360 guy converting to the Darkside and to be honest I've been happy so far with the PS3. It was really different for me getting used to the controller after all these years of Microsoft pads but I like it. I do miss the rumble though. I'm a old guy and I'm loving all this good gaming love we are seeing these day's.


Shadow Flare4894d ago

so i know i'll love this. Well pleased its got good online capabilities

techie4894d ago

Yay! Graphics improved on something that is already impressive, AND online play looking promissing :)))

xfrgtr4894d ago

Very good news,especially coming from

specialguest4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

Good online features or even any online features at all for games that SHOULD be online will be the determining factor on buying or not buying a game for me now. I'm glad MotorStorms online play will be great. Too bad for Japan though.

Shadow Flare4894d ago

i forgot where i heard it but i think the developers of Motorstorm were talking to some sony guys who knew about marketing in Japan. Basically, it went that: Japan doesn't care too much for online gameplay but that they are also used to getting second iterations of a game being released at a later date. So if they were to release the new version of Motorstorm with online play in Japan, it would be completely normal to them because they're used to that sort of thing

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The story is too old to be commented.