Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Demo Now Available for PS5 and Xbox Series

A playable Wo Long Demo is now available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series owners. Completion will reward some bonuses!

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RaidenBlack144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

No last gen demos?
hmm ...

Lightning77144d ago

It'll sell more on current gen anyway.

excaliburps143d ago

I gather, most devs and pubs are weaning away from last-gen slowly and this is one of the ways how.

CrimsonWing69143d ago

Does it crash after the tutorial for anyone else playing it on Xsex?

LightofDarkness143d ago

Really cool game, a solid spin on the Nioh formula. Much better environmental design too.

robtion143d ago

When I first saw the trailer I thought 'oh, Nioh 3'. Not that it's an issue, Nioh 2 is amazing.

blackblades143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Yeah, I like the jumping and feels more fast pace and less slow like nioh just like they said. I noticed area where you can sneak by via jumping after I defeated an enemy ans was to late to sneak. Got to use to not jumping with the past 2 games and other souls like. After nioh success, pretty sure they gonna keep this fomula around and make changes and branch off etc considering this is the 4 soul like game from them.

blackblades143d ago

Also the environment with jumping made the tiger boss easier, I was stuck on nioh train of thought and didnt think of jumping up and down and over.

Relientk77143d ago

I played the demo yesterday. It's actually pretty awesome.

Julion0715143d ago

Yea I really enjoyed the demo. Can’t wait for release

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The story is too old to be commented.