How Fast Is Windows 7? Faster Than You Think

After Windows Vista's disappointing performance versus Windows XP, and controversial benchmarks of a pre-beta build of Windows 7, everyone's wondering how Windows 7 compares, not just with Windows Vista, but also with the "operating system that will not die" (Windows XP SP3).

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blackbeld3798d ago

Sure! they also promised Vista will be faster then XP.... But we still need to see hopefully this time they do.

bobdog6263798d ago

Micro need to take there time with Windows 7 .Take time to make it Much better.

Megatron083798d ago

I really hoping they have it done by about the middle of next year personally . Cause I need to get a new pc and hate to get one that still has vista in it only for them to come ou with this a couple of months later

SaiyanFury3798d ago

Finally a bit of information to go on. MS needs to really get this one right considering how they messed up Vista big time. They also need to restore driver support and not lock third party hardware manufacturers out of the keycode unles they pay M$ a licensing fee.

xwabbit3798d ago

Ill wait a see if this is true.

ThanatosDMC3798d ago

So true. I remember them saying Vista was lightyears faster than XP. Instead vista needed a lot of resources to run "faster" than XP.

TheIneffableBob3798d ago

Windows 7 is looking good.

The beta should be releasing soon. This January.

bviperz3798d ago

They lower the price. Can't see myself spending over $300 again....

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The story is too old to be commented.