Don't Ban Video Games - Start Using the Age Ratings writes: "Politicians and the media are quick to blame video games for everything, especially youth violence, and now they cry for legislation to ban violent games. But here's the news: Games come with age and content ratings. Here's more news: It takes you, the parents, to enforce them. Please face your responsibilities instead of dumping them on the state."

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rabid4290d ago

If parents were held responsible for the actions of their children, instead of passing the blame on to society as a whole, I doubt we would have to worry about banning anything.

no_more_heroes4290d ago

I think the problem is that parents still think that games are only for kids. They probably think that, since its for kids only, ALL games are geared towars kids, even the violent ones. They think all games are still like Mario. It took my parents a good while to adapt to saying "xbox" instead of "Nintendo" whenever they would tell me to stop and go do some work. (off topic again, but this site should enable emoticons).