Dragon Age: Origins Screenshots at Strategy Informer

Strategy Informer has just posted new screenshots of Dragon Age: Origins. Looks mighty sweet for a turn-based roleplaying game.

The game will be released in Spring 2009 on PC, and Holiday 2009 for consoles.

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tatotiburon3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

a RPG by BioWare? Epic Win, looks very good, exclusive for Xbox 360?, amazing.....bu....bu....bu.... but xbox 360 has not games for 2009, hahahaha next Mass Effect 2, can't wait.

EDIT: coming to PC and PS3 as well, first day for me, maybe xbox 360 gets exclusive DLC like Fallout 3.

Chicken Chaser3675d ago

actually ..i think its coming to ps3 too

JonahFalcon3675d ago

Not an exclusive - it's coming to PC first this coming spring, consoles later (Holiday 2009).

JonahFalcon3675d ago

Yes, so? Click on the link. I'm not going to say something is the PS3 or PC version when they're not.

kittoo3675d ago

You just made an idiot of

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