Resistance: Retribution Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "Resistance: Retribution may not be developed by Insomniac, but SONY Bend is doing everything it can to translate the franchise's world, draw, and fun to the PlayStation Portable in inventive and interesting ways. With a host of PSP-specific options and a comprehensive approach to portable development, Resistance: Retribution very well may be a must-have title for the PSP when it releases in February of 2009."

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N4360G3806d ago

I seriously can't wait to play this game on my PSP next year.Resistance rocks!!

rockleex3805d ago

Insomniac is innovative with Ratchet & Clank... and Resistance 1&2 are awesome.

But it just felt like the creativeness of R&C wasn't there... at least storytelling-wise. The gameplay is great also, but I feel like they should have done a lot of horror moments with the Chimeran.

reincarnated3806d ago

me too, i hope they have a narrator because i kinda missed it in R2

DJ3806d ago

Reviewers hated the commentary in R1 because "it pulled too much from Hale." But then in R2, they hated the fact that commentary wasn't in there (as did I).

mastiffchild3806d ago

can't beat a mildly desinterested posh bird narrating a shooter for me. I thought she was a good touch, sounding very BBC english just how you hear middle class English women in radio and film of the(40's/50's)day. One of the few real let downs of R2 for me.
However, I'm looking forward to seeing how Bend do with Insomniacs baby and all the PS3 connectivity-onkly pity is you don't get full screen on your TV when using Dual Shock and PS3 connection. Multiplayer sounds cool as well both local with mates(which I actually do sometimes!!) and online (I've got the best hotspot in Britain I swear. Up a hill in the Lakes so I'm hoping for a nice spring and outdoor Resistance!). Lots of ambition-which the PSP may need if we don't get more quality for it pronto.

eagle213806d ago

Awesome graphics and box art too. You can even use a Dualshock 3 controller to play it.


Ju3806d ago

That might be the time I'll get me a new PSP. I want that video out. With the R2 connectivity and DS controller support, that's almost a real console title :)

TOO PAWNED3806d ago

"Retribution will be a must-have title for the PSP when it releases in February of 2009."- wow so soon

baum3806d ago

It was that there was no narrative at all. It was pure action and intel documents. That SUCKED a lot. And that's why R2 got those "lame" scores. The gameplay is better, the guns are better, the graphics are better, the bosses are epic, the enemies, levels and landscapes are more varied and it has more color... but it was a lot shorter and it lacked cinematics.

Besides, the story was more immersive in the first one... this one, not so much. There were no emotional links between Hale and anyone, including the gameplayer like in MGS4. Seriously, Insomniac blew it in the storyline, cinematics and narrative... what saves it is the gameplay, even though it's the most important element, the storyline draws the line between what's epic and what isn't.

I hope retribution fixes R2 mistakes.

rockleex3805d ago

R2 had almost no story at all. R1's story was told ONLY through narrative in between chapters.

Both of them got it wrong, though R1 had more story.

They just need to tell the story DURING gameplay AND during cinematics AND with narratives. I mean, use everything you've got in your arsenal!