1UP Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Preview

1UP writes: "Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat was one of the last bright spots in the GameCube library. Not only did it look good, but this early 2005 release was pretty much the killer app for the Donkey Kong Bongo controller. Nintendo announced earlier this year that the company would repurpose their best GameCube games as Wii titles. And the first in the bunch (called the "Play on Wii Selection" in Japan) is Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. If you missed the original, hope that Nintendo of America follows through with an English release (the game's currently only available in Japan), because a good game just got better.
Instead of slapping and tapping bongo pads, you now control Jungle Beat with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Yes, this is now a "traditional" action game, with analog stick- and button-based controls. If you plug in the bongos, they won't work. The drumming spirit isn't completely gone -- you need to shake the Remote to perform DK's main slam attack, a sound wave that stuns enemies (which you can now direct with the analog stick), and you need to shake both controllers to pound on larger enemies or earn bonus bananas at the end-of-stage minigames."

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dribnif3681d ago

I thought it made for a wholly original experience. A little loud for the downstairs neighbors, though.