Dissidia: Final Fantasy "Duel Colosseum" Mode Explored

G4's Brian Leahy writes: "One of the best parts about the PSP having USB support is being able to download 100% game saves from obsessed Japanese gamers over the internet.

I went out and did just that for Dissidia: Final Fantasy to bring you guys some great video that would normally require me to play the game non-stop (I told my bosses I was willing to do this...)

Here now, is the Duel Colosseum mode, which works as follows:

-Players choose their character and then pick an enemy level range: 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, and 91-130.
-Three cards are presented to the player, which could be a fight, job card, treasure, or boss fight. Fights are worth "medal" which can be traded in for treasure.
-Losing a battle means the loss of half the value of the fight and an available card to choose from: Losing a +6 fight results in a loss of 3 medal.
-Job cards have special effects, but the only one I've been able to figure out is the Knight card, which adds another card to the choice pool."

Another video at the source.

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