Hands On: Valkyrie Elysium May Well Be a Pleasant Surprise - Push Square

With release now exactly two weeks away, Valkyrie Elysium deserves a lot more attention than it's getting if the demo is anything to go by. It's not going to come anywhere close to being the best action RPG of the year, but the Square Enix title is shaping up to be something really quite enjoyable for those quieter periods when your slate is clean. An action-packed experience with the hope of a deeper combat system, keep Valkyrie Elysium on your Christmas list for some hack and slash fun.

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phoenixwing140d ago

The demo sold me on buying it day one

SegaSaturn669140d ago

I'm glad to hear that. Still skeptical of it being an action game myself, but the series track record is very good (mobile abortion aside).

lucian229139d ago

too bad mobile bit; Lenneth's design was so nice as was Alicia's

lucian229139d ago

demo was very good combat wise; Really hoping for a tie in to actual Valkyrie Profile story. Def wanna see Lenneth; it seems this is a Valkyrie Origin story so these Valkyrie's were before Lenneth's time

Magatsuhi139d ago

I pre-ordered it the second it was available. I love valkyrie profile