Yakuza Will Use Whatever System Serves Its Story Even if It Means 'Making a Party Game'

Speaking in a roundtable interview, RGG Studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama said that the Like a Dragon series isn't necessarily committed to turn-based RPGs, saying they will make a "party game" if it suits the story.

-Foxtrot444d ago

Yeah but the turn base was amazing

Eonjay444d ago

Gotta love these guys. They aren't afraid to try different things.

neutralgamer1992444d ago


Not when so many of your core series fans disliked it. Just post on any gaming forums and you will see the fan base is pretty split

Feel like we are the ones who supported the series even when others wouldn't even give it a chance and now we are the ones being push aside

CDbiggen444d ago

It wasn't though, anyone with half a brain was cheesing it after the halfway mark. It was different at least.


Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 7’s Spec II Update ‘Doubled Active Users’

The latest free update for Sony’s idiosyncratic racing game has helped the Gran Turismo series continue its popularity, according to its lead, Kazunori Yamauchi.

eagle211d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

Love it, love it, love it. (Did I say I love it?) :)

Babadook79h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Sophy is wonderful. I hope they can just turn it on for all races though.

Plague-Doctor271d 2h ago

This is somehow the game I have put the most time into on my ps5 so far. It also convinced me to add a psvr2 and wheel, which I am both happy I have and angry I bought at the same time lol

outsider162411h ago

Same here. Just finished a race a few mins ago and came here lol. I came 6th and even then such a fantastic race. Except for 1 or 2 most racers were really clean and respectful.
Planning to get the wheel (sold it to a friend) again along with psvr2.

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Final Fantasy Tactics director says there's currently "no plans" to remaster the RPG

Earlier this week, Yasumi Matsuno - writer and director of Final Fantasy Tactics - replied to a fan on Twitter and cleared up those remaster rumors. When asked if the developer could add a progression system to the game's Ultima spell in any potential remasters, Matsuno replied: "Currently, there are no plans for remastering," before asking the fan (and others) to direct any requests to Square Enix instead of them.

Snookies122d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Would love to see a full-on remake of Tactics some day. Superb game. I still remember my second or third playthrough, finding out that a certain "other" Final Fantasy character could be recruited... Kind of blew my mind haha. (Even though they started at level 1 unfortunately.)

OtterX1d 7h ago

Yea, I just saw Matsuno's second response:

"I'm very sorry.
That's all can say as my position right now.
I'll leave it to you whether you believe it or not.
Thank you."

If SquareEnix completely remakes the game, he isn't lying at all. It won't be a remaster.

I believe Final Fantasy Tactics is special enough that they would put in the extra effort for a remake!

Michiel19891d ago

it wouldn't ship enough compared to other titles they can remaster I imagine. It definitely deserves a remake, but I think it's low on their list. If you want a similar game, you could try out Triangle Strategy (it's on steam now as well).

OtterX2d ago

That's a real shame. I was hoping they would do a Tactics Remastered which included the PS1, GBA and DS titles. 3 of my favorite games of all time.