Game Reviewers: Journalist or Slave to the Hype?

Cameron Sampson writes:

"This past year, or few years for that matter has been telling for video game journalism. One thing is clear; we are not journalists.

On the totem pole of credibility, video game journalists are the bottom feeders, since the never-ending cycle revolves around pleasing publishers. Those that dare to oppose the cycle are either "burned" or blacklisted. However, perhaps a few have made a better situation out of it."

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CViper3675d ago

But hes right

Gaming "Journalists" are just cheerleaders.

wardrox3674d ago

Sadly, most "gamers" care more about flame wars and tits than actual substance. Give a gamer a choice of an unfounded rumor about something pointless, or actual debate about the future of the very media they rely on, and you can easily work out which they will prefer.

iroiromode3674d ago

It's a lot like the fans of the anime industry aka "otaku" only caring about those same things you mentioned and I'll add in drawn prepubescent girls. Anime industry ate it up and thought it was a money maker, still do hence the saturation of those type of shows...

Anime industry in America took a major nosedive and the only reason is breaking even in Japan is from charging an arm and a leg for their products.

Will the video game industry follow the same path? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see. I've just come to accept that fanbases of escapist type hobbies don't want to hear, nor care about serious matters, and would prefer the fluff.