Sony welcomes UK watchdog’s decision to further probe Xbox’s Activision deal

“This deal would have major negative implications for gamers and the future of the gaming industry”…

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sparky7772d ago

Don't know why they are acting this way, when the deal is complete MS will likely just remove COD from Playstation immediately after the marketing contract is up in retaliation.

This just once agains shows how scared Sony is that MS can end the PlayStation brand at the snap of their wallet.

shinoff218372d ago

I doubt end. Not everyone who prefers playstation likes cod. I personally hate military shooters. Its oversaturated imo.

Ive never ever bought a cod game or military shooter to be honest.

Welshy72d ago

That's a bit overboard, they can't just "end the PlayStation brand at the snap of their wallet", bit they can slowly suffocate them by buying up all the 3rd party publishers.

People may not consider it a monopoly just yet, but if they keep making acquisitions of this scale it won't take long to cross the threshold.

I'm all for exclusives that wouldn't have been made for other platforms anyway, but buying up 3rd parties and just denying access to them is scummy imo, regardless of who it is that a doing it.

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blackbeld72d ago

To be honest. I hope this deal will be closed. I won’t buy another Xbox ever so they lost already one customer. There will be other new shooting games made that will be better then COD. COD lost it’s creativeness after MW2 more then ten years ago.

Magic_Spatula72d ago

Psh. PlayStation isn't going to end if it no longer has CoD. They've been successful every generation with or without the CoD IP. Did it play a big part in sales? Yes, and that only started with 7th gen and it isn't going to die if it doesn't have CoD. If you believe that then you must be on some major stuff. Would Microsoft be dumb enough to miss out on millions of PlayStation players? No. Wouldn't make business sense. But in the off chance that CoD no longer shows up on PlayStation devices, then another company better jump at the chance to get those players into their ecosystem.

Melankolis72d ago

I doubt that's the situation. Many console owners admit they buy COD not because of favoritism, but because that's their habit. A person thinks, "i'd like to play a shooter", shooter=COD, so they buy one. That's a brand positioning COD has. That's the reason why COD sold many yet a lot of people criticize it.

Once PS owners realize no COD for them, they'll get over with the situation, in the end it's not that really bad a situation. As for Sony, of course this is a serious problem. COD sold millions on Sony's console, as a company, the will lose quite a sum of revenue.

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EvertonFC72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

If MS was to do that after telling the regulators they won't is when companies get sued.
You can't say one thing to the regs then change it, it doesn't work like that.

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Christopher72d ago

***This just once agains shows how scared Sony is that MS can end the PlayStation brand at the snap of their wallet.***

Then why didn't they just buy PlayStation? It would be about the same but completely eliminate the competition entirely.

Now, if you argue something about it being anti-competitive and Microsoft doesn't care about Sony, then you're stuck in a revolving door argument where the outside is anti-competition laws and the inside is where you ignore them but act like Microsoft doing something anti-competitive is good.


I know there are two sides to this argument. Microsoft is fine and they are just buying some IP that if Sony cared about they could have bought themselves or this purchase sets up an unfair advantage for Microsoft.

While I'm not on board with trying to prop up one business over another, it's pretty clear this is one company using money their division doesn't even produce to gain an advantage in a market so as to affect the profitability and potential of the competition.

This isn't about helping Sony, either. It's about not consolidating things to one company so that the industry itself is greatly affected by reducing competition, which is extremely important.

And if you think Sony is able to compete with CoD, then I refer you to my revolving door comment above as well as the fact that companies have spent over a decade trying to compete with it and utterly fail but somehow Sony is going to do what no one else has been able to do by reviving an IP that has come nowhere close to CoD or somehow creates the next best thing to compete. All this while Microsoft fumbles around with Halo and cuts its content plans rather than trying to compete with CoD the way people expect Sony to do it now?

S2Killinit72d ago

Lol yeah somy is scared, yet MS is dropping 80 billion to compete. And they are still a smaller gaming publisher. Thats called mismanagement

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ufo8mycat72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

End the Playstation brand?

The biggest reason Playstation is so successful and why people game on it is because of the brand and its exclusives, not COD

This is a desperate attempt by Microsoft, because they know they can’t compete with the Playstaton brand head on without buying massive studios

spoonard72d ago

The deal is only complete when the regulators say it's complete.

Mr_Writer8571d ago


I very much doubt they would do that, as that is exactly the sort of thing the watchdog is looking at.

If the watchdog thinks that Xbox would pull such a stunt then the deal will be shutdown as that would be Xbox trying to make a monopoly, which is something we as gamers shouldn't want.

Neonridr71d ago

at the end of the day CoD is one of the best selling games on Playstation systems, so it's clear that many people enjoy Call of Duty.

honkler3271d ago

lol, CoD exclusivity ending PlayStation? That's cute

jwillj2k471d ago

Lol did it feel good typing this? You realize if they take cod off of PlayStation not only would they be losing a MASSIVE amount of revenue but also opening themselves up for competition where they would currently have none? When has Sony ever bowed down to Micro$soft when it comes to anything related to gaming, go ahead and look it up, I’ll wait..

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Bathyj72d ago

“This deal would have major negative implications for gamers and the future of the gaming industry”

Well that's not unrealistic. Does Microsoft ever make anything better for anyone except themselves?

SullysCigar72d ago

Ooo I know this one! Ahem:


Witchcraft71d ago

Yeah, like when they raised their game prices to 70$, or made their consoles more expensive or told gamers to get a second job. Greedy MS bastards.

lelo2play71d ago

Does Sony ever make anything better for anyone except themselves?

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Bathyj71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Are you guys serious?
Sony made GAMING better
If you don't know that you weren't there.
And I don't give a shit about 10 bucks more for a game because Im fine paying for quality. They're earning their spot, not buying their way in trying . I'm getting Horizon, GT and God of War this year. You're getting crickets.

Abracadabra71d ago


So according to your logic, Microsoft contributed to absolutely nothing. Not to PC software or hardware development, nothing to gaming, nothing to Internet advancement, nothing to server development, etc.

Well, you must live under a rock.

Witchcraft71d ago

Hahaha, this unconditional love for anything Sony is cute. Also trying to play the age card, typical teenager argument. And "not buying their way"? Yeah, maybe do some research, unless they don't allow you to in Sony PR department.

Jericho133771d ago

Awful take - which company has put the price of their console and games up again? And who is that better for exactly?

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ABizzel171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I get Sony's stance on this to an extent.

Personally, I'm not the type to sit and cry about something, I'd rather be spending my time finding a solution.
Sony should be buying Deviation Games and spending time investing in hundreds of CoD devs to leave Activision and work for them to build their own CoD just in case. That way if/when the deal goes through they already have their own AAA FPS from Deviation, another AAA FPS from Bungie, and a AAA CoD rival from the new studio ready to launch that year or the following year.

Sony's viewpoint:
But I also get Sony's point as any person in here would outside of fanboying who just want to see PS hurt and not the leader. CoD sells around 25 - 30+ million units every year, and PS houses the majority of those gamers with a 2:1 split. That's nearly 20 million CoD players and PS owners who could leave the platform and instead simply subscribe to GamePass 3 - 6 years from now and not need a console anymore. That would be a $1 billion dollar hit to Sony each year in CoD sales and a potential loss of up to 20 million PS owners which also means loss of software sales for whatever else those 20 million owners might have purchased which could be upwards of $2 billion per year losses for a single game missing from your platform. And there's no person or company on the planet wanting to be hit for $2 billion per year. So they're going to block this with everything they have, or at least make it where they can prolong the transaction until they can come up with a solution or settlement (extending their for CoD for more than 3 years).

PS6 / Xbox 5 in 2028
On a side note, I think 2028 is when we'd get new consoles because it was weird that MS specifically set 3 years post, Sony's current 3-year contract in the original offer. It sounds like they wanted to keep CoD on PS5/Series, but in 2028 when Xbox 5 launches it's over. I don't think anyone caught that.

Obscure_Observer71d ago

"Of course they do..."

Yes. After downplay their own first party studios for COD, there´s nothing else one expect from them.

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XiNatsuDragnel72d ago

Hopefully something happens tbh

Ristul72d ago

This deal should not be allowed to go through, it will be bad for both the industry and the players. It's basically MS buying the marketshares from the competition, taking away choice, and it's not just buying one developer, but whole publishers. Even Bethesda being bought by MS was questionable, but buying Activision paired with Bethesda and some other developers is now on a whole new level. This is really starting to look like a monopoly, or at least the first step towards it.

Good-Smurf72d ago

When they have Windows money and damn near a monopoly on OS world I'm surprised no one think they won't do the same with Xbox buying everything up just because they can.
This is NOT a fair competition they simply pay to win their way in buying up big companies.

-Foxtrot72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

“It's basically MS buying the marketshares from the competition, taking away choice”

Which is hilarious because saviour Phil said recently that he wants fewer exclusives while buying up publishers making their games exclusive 🤷🏻‍♂️

sparky7772d ago

How is it close to a monopoly that is admitting that both Nintendo and Playstation are inferior to Xbox and that this will cause the death of both of them. It will likely do that to Playstation but Nintendo will be fine meaning it's not even close to a monopoly, maybe just a duopoly.

shinoff218372d ago

Thats a pretty idiotic thing to say. Cod may hurt sony a little but it wont be no nail in the coffin. Yall trippin

MontyeKristo72d ago

No one complained when Sony had the majority of the developers in their pocket, making exclusives for the PS1-PS4.

Besides, these companies don't have to agree to be bought by Microsoft. Also, developers leave studios all of the time; it's not like a lot of them can't leave Acti/Blizz/Bethesda and start their own thing as an independent studio..

Sony could and should just build a studio or assign one of their studios to replace COD.

itsmebryan72d ago

Why can't Sony make another "Killzone" to compete with COD. Also MS is not buying EA so, BF is a replacement for COD.. plus, remember when the deal was announced moat people here said no one plays COD anymore.

Jericho133771d ago

Funny that the people crying about this are the same people that would happily see Sony buy Capcom, Square Enix, Take Two and just about every other major 3rd party publisher. At least own your bitterness.

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neutralgamer199272d ago

I completely agree this deal should not go through this is clearly a sign of Monopoly.

Sony will react to acquire few other publishers(square Capcom etc since they have the inside track being japanese) then we are left with what exactly

Take Two

So basically publishers who love micro transactions and NFT's

Sony doesn't have the money to buy Activision but you best believe they have more than enough to go after square, Capcom, namco etc

I don't know how that is good for us gamers

gangsta_red72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Clearly a sign of a monopoly?

This is no where near a monopoly.

A lot of people are not considering that it's taking a lot more money to develop games and small developers as well as big developers can't sustain making triple A games today.

"I don't know how that is good for us gamers"

Would you rather see developers close their doors forever and all their IPs lost? Because that's the alternative.

I also like that most here hates MS buying publishers so their answer is for Sony to do the same.

neutralgamer199271d ago


Bro Activision or Bethesda weren't going out of business anytime soon. They had a lot.of funds

That's why I was happy to see Ms acquiring smaller studios like obsidian and double fine. Those studios do need more resources

So please tell me how COD, overwatch and Diablo being not PlayStation and Nintendo isn't a monopoly? Come on man I can't believe gamers are supporting this

We will be left with some of the greediest companies on face of this earth once all these acquisitions are done

gangsta_red71d ago

Actually Activision was struggling, they have a lot of development houses underneath them. They may have some great money making IP's but you have to take into account the long development times in between releases, which means money being spent across all teams and all developments houses. And not every single dev house is making CoD/Candy Crush money.

"So please tell me how COD, overwatch and Diablo being not PlayStation and Nintendo isn't a monopoly?"

Because a monopoly is the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. This means MS would have to own every single video game on the market and only have it played on Xbox. Since this isn't true then the word you're using is wrong. Also, you will still be able to play those games you mentioned on PC, whatever device that supports GP or cloud streaming as well as Xbox.

It's very good for gamers, especially if you're an Xbox gamer

AizenSosuke72d ago

I agree Natsu san, this could have huge consequences for the gaming industry.

camel_toad72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Sony should start a game dev university and then they can create studios straight from their pool of most talented students.

gangsta_red71d ago

So like a college where students learn to code, program and then apply for a job at a development house that makes games.

Hmmmm, I don't know, sounds too outlandish

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masterfox72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

lol let them have all of it, Sony should stop putting themselves in this petty position seriously cause is only affecting the Playstation brand quality status to lower themselves, I mean is just one effing game, that in the end ls what Activision has as a main pillar of the company, Sony by doing this kind shameful stuff is like saying COD brand is above our Playstation brand and that is so damn shameful.

"This deal would have major negative implications for gamers and the future of the gaming industry"
Seriously so this game industry is as big as it is just because one game?, yeah thats how stupid it sounds, so there is no way in this billions human world a person came up with a game better than COD?, I wonder what Ken Kutaragi thinks about all this?, remember this guy created the console who put Nintendo in a third place in this game industry, and it in that time the whole game industry was all about Nintendo.

This week Sony displayed effing stunning games in their State of play and also shown a real next gen leap in VR with PSVR2, and the hype for all of it went to 1000% for Sony, and never ever crossed my mind about single Activision game, because I mean why I would it have?, in less than two hours Sony managed to display awesome stuff that not all the Xbox stuff displayed since years combined(Bethesda, Activisions PR BS) can achieve, I mean from god sake Sony is more than a 70 year old humongous corporation with technology advancements in its history as a company, so I think they should stop putting themselves and putting one of their biggest brands in their Sony portfolio in this petty position for just one damn braindead game, imagine if AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Apple were attached to other companies for their main success?, they wouldn't be as big as they are now, they just keep doing what they know best, is to thrive with their own products, others companies are just a part of the main product, if the other parts are no longer working, well then they just start looking for other ones who create that part, there is a saying that goes like this: *don't put all your eggs in one basket* , it seems some in Sony staff forgot this, and this is actually a golden rule in a big corporation, I know this very well cause I did work for one of them.

sinspirit72d ago

CoD is the biggest name in gaming next to MineCraft. It's the prime example but far from the only reason. What a long line of text that misses the whole point.

DailyNews72d ago

Bigger than Minecraft? Not really. Minecraft is bigger than Call of Duty. Minecraft is available in Schools. The population is huge with Kids and Teenagers.

Unlike Call of Duty, Minecraft is one game, not multiple games.

Christopher72d ago

***Bigger than Minecraft? Not really. Minecraft is bigger than Call of Duty.***

#3 Call of Duty
#13 GTA
#26 Halo
#32 GranTurismo (Sony's only IP on the list)
#42 Minecraft

Not only does Xbox already have two of the top 50 IP, they are leap frogging to the top with the biggest third-party game now being under their software umbrella and as a hardware provider are able to use that to "compete" at a completely different level from everyone else.

Why aren't they fixing Halo? Because they now have CoD.

sinspirit72d ago


I never said it was bigger than MineCraft. I said it was the biggest name next to MineCraft. This can be more, less, and even same. The gist of that statement is just that they are both very evenly popular from word of mouth and social media and are both megaton IP's in popularity. But, according to Christopher, seems like it may indeed be much bigger again.

Also, how are you gonna say MC is bigger and then say CoD has multiple games. While ignoring the MC spinoffs that don't buzz on social platforms. And, that statement kind of conflicts with your guesstimate of CoD being less popular.

71d ago
Christopher71d ago

@JustTheFax You'd learn a lot more if you read the very bottom left of the infographic they created.

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darthv7272d ago

The TL:DR for your rant is [you think] Sony should not worry anymore about CoD, but reality is... they do.

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Christopher72d ago

***Sony by doing this kind shameful stuff is like saying COD brand is above our Playstation brand and that is so damn shameful.***

Shameful would be denying the power of CoD in the industry.

generic-user-name72d ago

"I mean is just one effing game"

The best selling franchise in NA for the past 15 years, with most of those sales being on the PS ecosystem. Sony takes a 30% cut of all those sales. Do you know how much that is? That's the money that funds PSVR2,

Imalwaysright71d ago

The possibility of losing quite a lot of PS Plus subscriptions is also very likely if CoD is no longer released on PS platforms.

masterfox71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I was checking this list that was post in some of the replys:

and ask my self so Nintendo has the most grossing titles yet supposedly, but they haven't managed to be on top spot in this game industry since decades...hmmm wonder why, what is pushing Playstation to be number one spot all the time in this game industry?,CoD is definitely out of the question, so what is it then?, seriously is really not rocket science lol, is because innovation in Playstation consoles only!, and not because once AGAIN!, one damn game!, in big companies this is also a number rule if you want to keep thriving, NEVER STOP INNOVATING, if you stop doing so you are destined the company to fail simple as that, so again CoD doesn't mean jackSH%$%it why Playstation is always number one spot in this game industry since decades like it or not, and that list actually proves my point, if Sony PS continues this dependency and making news on how CoD is important to them, well then the days of Playstation brand is destined to die simple as that,(no worries a lot heads will roll.. *Im seeing you Jim* and PS will continue, Japan won't let its brand die cause just one damn game).

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dazzysima72d ago

The Tories are just looking for a backhander from Microsoft. Once they get that it will be rubber-stamped in the UK.

crazyCoconuts72d ago

That's what it always seems to be. Maybe they'd rather let the deals go through that are on the bubble so that they can continuously harass them as a constant stream of revenue. I bet all the big American companies just budget for it annually. "EU Bribes"

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