Shawn Elliott's Review Symposium in Review

Adam Rosenberg writes: "Hmmm. I've been walking the razor's edge these past few days, teetering between opening my big yap or just letting things play out as they will. Seeing as how I'm off to parts unknown tomorrow - meaning the haters among you will have to find me first! - I figure now's as good a time as any to speak my mind.

"May as well get straight to the point: I've got some issues with Shawn Elliott's Review Symposium. I have nothing but respect for the assembled players, but I think the indigestible length of Part One proves there's a real need to re-examine the current approach. I can only hope Elliott is treating this as a constantly evolving entity, so that we might see some changes implemented before this golden opportunity to explore the divisive topic of video game Reviewing-Slash-Criticism reaches its end."

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