GiantBomb Review: Meteos Wars

Giantbomb writes: "Meteos Wars is the Xbox Live Arcade version of Q Entertainment's DS puzzle game, Meteos. There's nothing extra warlike about this version of the game, though there's something to be said for not just calling it "Meteos Live." In the transition from DS to 360, the game's touch screen controls are, obviously, lost. It controls better with a stylus, so that's sort of a knock against it, but the standard gamepad controls certainly suffice, so it's still a solid, stylish addition to the block-dropping wing of the puzzle genre.

In Meteos, different colored blocks continually drop into your well. You interact with them by sliding them up and down and attempting to match three or more blocks of the same color either vertically or horizontally. When you do this, the matched blocks turn into rocket boosters and blast off towards the top of the screen. How far they get depends on different factors, such as the size of the launch, the number of blocks that are also being lifted off screen, and the gravity of the planet you're playing on. If a launch fails to get blocks off the screen, you can adjust blocks in your slowly descending pile to relaunch them from mid-air. Forming combos like this builds up the force of a launch, making it easier to clear the screen. In most of the modes, you're competing against an opponent of some kind, so launching blocks off the screen sends them to your opponent's pit. You'll pick an alien before beginning, which dictates the distribution of colored blocks and which special attack or defense move you can pull off after filling an on-screen meter. The special attacks include shields to prevent you from receiving enemy blocks, lasers that disrupt your oppoent's screen, and so on."

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