Phil Spencer Renews Commitment to Japanese Market; Series S Is Driving Xbox Expansion in Asia

During the TGS Xbox Stream, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer shared a few words about the situation of the platform in Japan and Asia.

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444d ago
Godmars290444d ago

Phil's interest to expand in the Asian market.

Something Xbox has been trying to do since the beginning.

1Victor444d ago

@godmars no wonder that 80’s country song sound familiar
I hope they seriously do justice to the Asian market their time around, they have to open up and bleed money to get them maybe give away a free year of game pass pc will get the ball rolling for them or it’s going to be the same story as the last 3 generations promises to renewed commitment on the Asian market and forget about it a year later 🤦🏿

S2Killinit444d ago

Lol time to renew xbox consumer base with new hopes of commitment to asia. Spenser thinks its a subscription service.

GoodGuy09445d ago

Dunno why mcsft still keeps trying over there lol.

LabRat444d ago

It's a huge potential market. They have the funds to keep trying, and if at one point they succeed then the reward will be worth it (a large gaming community)

monkey602444d ago

They have to. We can all see Xbox are pushing to become a service even more so than a platform soon. Long term investment now is probably worth it to have a foothold for the fully service future. They can't give up on the market over there now if they are to be trusted down the road.

PapaBop444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

They failed to gain any momentum even in the earlier 360 days back when they were actually really trying, If they couldn't make any ground with the likes of Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tenchu Z, Chromehounds etc, I can't see them starting to now.

Hofstaderman444d ago

Not to mention FFXIII as multi platform.

XiNatsuDragnel445d ago

Microsoft imo why try still, like I understand presecene and all but you need at least one publisher or something like that or make new japanese games w japanese ppl, no Americanized japanese but purely japanese just be a Nintendo there not a Corp.

lonewolf10444d ago

250 devs are making games in Japan for xbox, according to that article anyway, or did you mean something else?

XiNatsuDragnel444d ago

I mean exclusives or xbox published games in Japan. Because xbox sales are starting to decrease according to famitsu records.

Profchaos444d ago

I think he means games that have zero western influence. Japanese developers that are not told change this or that to appeal to a global market and don't even put there games out in the west as the effort would be far to vast like a lot of Sony and Nintendo games that never come to the West

darthv72444d ago

The S makes for a nice little sidekick system. And lots of stuff coming to GP to appeal to the Asian audience.

Aloymetal444d ago

People need to stop acting surprised and outraged when Japanese games skip or stop releasing on xbox. Most of these games DON'T PERFORM WELL THERE, time to deal with this notion.
Lord Phil had to fly 17 times to Tokyo just to convince $ Sega to port Yakuza & Persona. Time to get the hint already.

AzubuFrost444d ago

Source? I'd like to read that interesting tidbit.

XiNatsuDragnel444d ago

Look up Famitsu sales bro

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Orchard444d ago

They just announced a whole bunch of Japanese games at TGS that are coming to GamePass. Games like blazblue, guilty gear strive, ni no kuni and a whole bunch more. Kojimas next new IP is an Xbox exclusive too.

Certainly doesn’t look like JP devs are skipping Xbox to me. More like they’re doubling down on it.


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shinoff2183444d ago

Lol doubling down. Thats not even a fraction of what the japanese developers are doing game wise.

They got some nice pickups for sure but lets not kid ourselfs and say doubling down. The developers got paid to put games there is more like it.

Elda444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

Those games are old that are on PS already. It would have been nice to see some never before seen new big budget Japanese exclusives coming to XB instead.

PapaBop444d ago

Yeah they announced a bunch of games that have been out in for some cases, years. Their only really redeeming quality is that they are all going to be coming to game pass which is great for budget gamers but as someone else pointed out, most of the new game reveals for actual new games that appeal to Japanese tastes are skipping Xbox.

Chevalier444d ago

So old games that were on the PS3 or released years ago?! Lots of games completely skipping Xbox completely. Go ahead and look how many TGS games are either exclusive to Playstation or Switch or only releasing on Playstation & Switch. Doubling down. Lol. Absolutely idiotic.

AmUnRa443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Yeah, years old and old PS3 japanes games coming to gamepass, i give it to Phil he keeps trying but the Japanese trowing some old bones to him. And how do you know what Hideo is making? Please enlighten me what Kojima is making, cous you are cleary guessing. Have you seen how many Japanse gams are exclusive for Playstation and Nintendo during the TGS? Keep dreaming,Orchad.
They are not doubling down is wishfull thinking on your site. Theyr is no proof of that.

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XiNatsuDragnel444d ago


He means new titles or titles released multiplats

darkrider444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

He can't see that. Microsoft impact in Asia is non existent. Every year is the same talk. Nothing changes. They need to pay millions to get games. Like they did with Kojima. If they need to pay 600k for a indie game, imagined what they are paying for japonese games...

XiNatsuDragnel444d ago


Ouch that must sucks fr if they spent over 600k I know they're trillionaires but it shows little confidence in japanese devs developing on Xbox imo.

Orchard444d ago

@XiNatsu Sure, but this'll probably end up similar to what we saw with Yakuza. They brought the old games, and are now bringing the new ones day 1.

Also the 600k was to a European studio, not Japanese. It was for Cooking Simulator, and was never actually verified as accurate.

@darkrider "they need to pay millions to get games. Like they did with Kojima."

Do you think Kojima makes Sony exclusives for free? lol. Business is business.

Also, you could actually say Xbox and PS are basically non-existent in Asia. Nintendo has completely wiped them both off the map there.

XiNatsuDragnel444d ago

@orchard PS is actually more existent compared to Microsoft if we are using semantics. Then Microsoft is nothing compared to ps millions of ps4/5s sold how many 200ks xbx/s so if we're going by that. Sony has more support automatically since they sold there look at SQEX they use raw data to see if xbox support is worth but to them it's Nile nonexistent.

Nyxus444d ago

@ Orchard:

"Also, you could actually say Xbox and PS are basically non-existent in Asia. Nintendo has completely wiped them both off the map there."

Not really. Last month PlayStation games accounted for over 25% of all games sold in Japan. Sure it's not like Nintendo but it's also not non-existent. And certainly not comparable to Xbox's position in Japan.

Orchard444d ago

Both are basically dead IMO.

Looking at Famitsu hardware sales for the week of 9/5:

Switch 182,876
PS5 2,864
Xbox S|X 459

Hard to say anyone is selling well in JP other than Nintendo, sure MS are doing worse than Sony, but Sony's drop off in JP over the last few years has been insane - that is a bigger story than MS staying in largely the same position.