Final Fantasy XVI Gets New Artwork at TGS 2022, Summer 2023 Release Confirmed

Square Enix shared a new piece of artwork for Final Fantasy XVI during the Tokyo Game Show 2022. It shows the main characters along with a new location.

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CrimsonWing69140d ago

Please let there be an epic trailer.

Lightning Mr Bubbles140d ago

What does Zelda have to do with this?

wwinterj140d ago

That Zelda will be a big hit and right after we will get another big hit as they wouldn't want to release at the same time.

Lightning Mr Bubbles140d ago


Oh okay, well Zelda is on Nintendo, this is on PS5 and PC. So I don't know if it's the same fanbase. As long as they put them at least a month apart, it should be good.

curtain_swoosh140d ago

media attention and coverage.

even if their both on separate consoles, they're both big titles.