Forget Marvel, The Perfect Capcom Crossover Is Simpler Than You Think

Capcom Vs Capcom is a pretty silly name admittedly, but it does get the point across. The company could reuse the name of the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars or — depending on the roster — Street Fighter Vs Capcom. With no external companies (and the IP politics they bring with them) to deal with, it would allow the inclusion of those Capcom reps who missed previous entries, to make a full lineup and not be limited to half a roster.

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sourOG80d ago

Been saying that for years. Capcom has more than enough characters to make their own versus. Marvel DLC characters would be less of a pain in the ass license wise.


I’d prefer a Marvel-only game.

I love MvC2, but 90% or my fav characters are from Marvel.

Would you rather have Wolverine fight Ryu, or Black Panther? Would you rather have Spider-Man fight TBonne, or Doc Ock?

Capcom needs to realize that Marvel is hot right now, old Capcom franchises are not.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Snakeeater2580d ago

So it’s still marvel vs capcom or just marvel vs marvel

Tetsujin78d ago

There's MUGEN crossovers that would make excellent console and PC ports.