Playstation 2 causes two brothers to choke and stab one another

Two brothers living in Waukesha reportedly choked, cut and stabbed each other when they fought over a Playstation 2 video game controller. Waukesha Police are recommending that charges be brought against both brothers who violently acted out of anger.

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BrotherNick3677d ago

The sad part is that these guys were in their 30s.

poopface13677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

my policy is to stab only for the current gen systems.

edit--- hahaha. apparently I replied to no one and ended up at the top. Darn Im special. hahahah 0.1 WTF is that.

badz1493677d ago

day by day! like...seriously, WTF are these guys thinking? it's just a video game and they are killing each other over it? if they really like to swing & stab, by a Wii! and not to forget...GET A LIFE!

lordgodalming3677d ago

Did the Playstation 2 whisper in their ears or what? No. Take some personal responsibility, for fks sake. The result of their behavior is tragic, but their behavior itself was pure idiocy.

What's next, vomitoriums and live slayings at the colosseum? What is happening to our culture?

Peter Griffin3677d ago

lol sometimes Soul Caliber 2 cant settle it

CommonSense3677d ago

did anyone tell these 2 idiots that you can get a used working ps2 for like 10 bucks? helluva lot cheaper than the hospital bill.

also, if 1 incident of violence per day (which it's not nearly that much) as a result of some gaming is enough to say games are bad. why don't the few million gamers that play each day and don't do harm to others hold any weight?

oh, and if gaming makes you evil, then Richard (stupid N4G won't let you type D!ck) Cheney must play video games non stop.

da_hitman813677d ago

you obviously didnt read this.

PS i own both systems, so no fanboyism here

On another note this story is crazy. i guess they like PS3 so much.

drdistracto7073677d ago

only you could actually turn this into a fanboy war, this is something serious, and your comment only proves that you have a cold heart

shame on you

Statix3677d ago

Why do idiot fanboys such as yourself have to take everything and turn it into a console-versus-console thing at every opportunity? Get a life.

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ThanatosDMC3677d ago

They probably had issues before gaming... and why was there a stabbing knife close by???

vhero3677d ago

the funny thing is people have killed over less people die over pocket change in the streets of America every single day!

Wile3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

You are out of out of bounds my friend, and so are the people who clicked agree on ur post.

mcm3677d ago

This is sad.
I knew Krazy Ken was telling the truth about 4D and I had a feeling that it was in the PS2 as well. Why else would the main CPU be named Emotion Engine.
This 4D stuff is getting out of control, the PS2 was able to control these two brothers minds and force them to hurt each other. Just imagine what the PS3 could do.

I mean this is how the title of the article makes things appear, right?

thereapersson3677d ago

I was one of the people who agreed with him.

Greenterd is f*cking the best satirical troll to come along in a while. And you know what they say...

"Successful troll is succesful."

prowiew3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Sad thing is that I can see some people here in n4g doing the same against an "enemy console person". I can imagine an n4g reunion in real life and someone saying "360 is selling more than ps3, its the best" "no way" replied the ps3 fan while stabbing him and yelling Aaron Greenburg sucks!.

swissarmyshank3676d ago

Just imagine if it had been a PS3 controller... Would have had a samurai battle.

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IllusionRSN3677d ago

You watch, media will get ahold of this and start bashing the games. Where the parents need to be based imho.

Breakfast3677d ago

....but cmon....who the hell plays video games with a knife?

Stupid kids.

hitthegspot3677d ago

I guess more and more people are playing games armed with a knife.

No FanS Land3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Sony's fault? Care to explain?

EDIT: people disagreed because he couldn't resist to say it was Sony's conspiracy. seriously Breakfast, you're as immature as them, or you're fvcking racist(towards game consoles) because you relentlessly bash one console for no reason at all.

The Great Melon3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

People need to learn that Breakfast is the guy that throws a penny into a crowd and watch everyone fight over something worth very little. Until that happens, I always get a chuckle to see how everyone reacts to his comments.

Breakfast3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

The Great Melon knows the true meaning of life.

@ No Fans Land
How is it not Sonys fault? Quit defending the company, that obviously played a major part in this unfortunate event.


@ Below

Of course i wouldnt blame MS...they were fighting over a controller. But in this case its different. It is Sonys fault.


No FanS Land3677d ago

And would you blame Microsoft if they fought over an Xbox controller? Actually they fought over who's turn it was to play. Seriously give it a rest.

drdistracto7073677d ago

hehe, your pathetic breakfast

if you hold true to your statement then i guess this was all M$'s fault

Danja3677d ago

I still dont get it...come on ppl...Breakfast means no harm...ya'll need to lighten up.XD

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N4360G3677d ago

Videogames are to blame LOL,seriously this is beyond pathetic,there just games.

PoSTedUP3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

thats some evil f***ing sh*t man.... /for real...