Day In The Life Of Miyamoto

ONM met Shigeru Miyamoto recently as he toured the country promoting Wii Music. In addition to asking him about his new game, DSi and the future, we also spoke to him about an average day in the life of a gaming legend. This is what he had to say...

On the working day...
"In the morning, I'm very often late for work! But when I'm in the office I'm working very hard. I work late at night, usually until at least 8.00pm and sometimes even until one in the morning."

On his responsibilities...
"Our department has so many people working on different projects. Some titles I'm deeply involved in and others I'm not so deeply involved in. Sometimes there is software I check on just once a week or even once a month. But I'm always getting reports on how games are going, then I make comments or decide to change aspects of the game. When games are nearing completion I usually get more deeply involved.

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ChickeyCantor3806d ago

That picture....
" See this? it actually prints money "

BrotherNick3806d ago

You put in the Contra Code and a dollar pops out. :O

ThatArtGuy3806d ago

Only after Konami takes a 10% royalty.

N4Flamers3806d ago

that was funny as hell. I wanted to be inb4the money jokes but if you cant beat them.

you can now use your penis as a stylist for the upcoming tittle dp ds

tasteless I know. its 4 in the morning here.

ChickeyCantor3806d ago

there should be another picture with him showing the back.
" And look, it prints more money".

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Jdoki3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

A day in the life of Miyamoto...

Wakes up.

Thinks: How can I alienate the core fans who supported the company through the early days and the bad times, today?

Goes to bathroom, takes a leak...

...Looks down while shaking mini-Miyamoto

Thinks: Hmm, I just thought of another game to utilise the Wiimote.

Gets to office.

Team meeting: Today we shall take a beloved Nintendo IP and create another bland and inspid game that pales in comparison to everything we have done before. If anyone wants me I'll be in my office playing Wii Music and stamping on Pikmin.

Main_Street_Saint3806d ago

Rather bland life really, when you think of it. Why didn't come up with some rather interesting anecdotes, like when he needs some coin he'll break some bricks with his head or the fact that he can fly but only after finding some leaf that's hanging around.

All joking aside, rather ordinary life.

ChickeyCantor3806d ago

I don't understand why people would think he would have a action themed life with explosions every time he walks out of his house xD
He is just human ya know.

djslapdash3805d ago

At least me and Miyamoto-san have one thing in common

"I'm very often late for work!",

thankfully my boss lets me make it up in overtime

fossilfern3805d ago

Well Miyamoto used to be one of my favourite devs but with all these stupid games on the Wii i really cant stand him at the moment