The Xbox Stream is Back for Tokyo Game Show 2022

From Xbox Wire: "We are pleased to confirm that Xbox will be making its digital return to Tokyo Game Show on September 15 at 6 p.m. JST / 9 a.m. UTC / 2 a.m. PDT, with a streamed broadcast celebrating the vibrant players and visionary creators across the region. Like years’ past, this will be a show curated for our players in Japan and Asia.

We invite fans to tune in to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Xbox Stream where you can expect to see updates on existing titles from Xbox Game Studios and titles launching from developer partners that we hope will delight players here in Japan, across Asia and around the world."

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darthv72192d ago

with XB doing better in JP, hopefully they have something new to appeal to that market.

Lightning77192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I highly doubt it tbh. If MS wants to make an impact they'll announce a new IP for the market. I know they did that with Wo Long at E3. Persona games are a good get for a collection but they need to do a little more. Stellar Blade is now a PS5 only despite it being scheduled for Xbox since it's announcement. Sony paid for that So MS lost out on that. MS will. Always have a us hill battle in Japan no matter what.

Either way hopefully MS announces something semi worthwhile.

darthv72192d ago

Oh that's right... project eve was a multiplat game. Now its exclusive as stellar blade.

192d ago
moriarty1889192d ago

Hopefully they announce some new games.

MadLad192d ago

Because they don't have enough coming down the pipeline?

porkChop192d ago

They have a ton of already announced games though. They should work on getting those finished up before they announce any more.

ClayRules2012192d ago

Here’s hoping Microsoft has some new iPs to show off, in some form that’ll surprise and look really good and fit into this market.

MadLad192d ago

I think they have, like, 20, in development right now.

jznrpg192d ago

I bet a few of those are canceled or will take many more years . Everwild , Perfect Dark for sure have issues .

ClayRules2012192d ago

I’ll believe that when I see it. Apart from HellBlade 2 (which looks visually awesome) here’s hoping the gameplay has been expanded in its variety, allowing players to wield more weapons, but also bringing more innovation to what the first game offered, which while really solid and good, could definitely use depth to its systems and here’s hoping they’ve brought that on offer here to strengthen the overall gameplay encounters to some level.

I hope many do see a release and deliver something awesome for Xbox gamers, I truly do! But only time will tell.

Lightning77192d ago

@JZ Correcrion You're hoping few of those get canceled. That's what you want. Perfect Dark isn't in trouble anymore. Ever since they partnered with CD development has reportedly been going smoothly.

Everwild was never "in trouble" they made some design issues by not including combat mechanics so they had to go back to drawing board to include combat amongst other things. It's called game development.

Traecy192d ago

Hopefully I'll be able to play a Japanese title or 2 on XB that is interesting that's not on PS knowing PS has some great Japanese titles landing on PS in 2023.

neutralgamer1992192d ago

Nice hopefully some good gaming announcements. It's good to see all consoles attending

Its so exciting that we are getting ishin remake been asking for it since PS3 days

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