Gears of War 2 Tops Rental Charts

At least in video game rentals, Gears of War 2 continues to perform strongly.

Rogers Video released their top rented games list for the week ending December 21st. The results were a clean sweep for the more powerful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hardware systems, whereas the Nintendo Wii did not have a single game that charted.

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hamsterfist3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Renting is a good idea. If I could go back in time I would save my $60 and not buy this piece of crap. Oh well, those renters are smarter then me.

Before I get all disagreed with, it is just my view. I played the supposedly "Epic" single player and thought the story was weak and the vehicle segments sucked hard. I also refuse to play the broken glitch fest that is multiplayer. I will stick with Left 4 Dead and Far Cry 2 (on PS3) for now. Yes I said that Far Cry 2 is a better game then Gears 2. At least I have access to thousands of maps, and I am not charged $10 for 3 maps. (I know about the Far Cry 2 map pack, but who bought that either?)

III SINS III3586d ago

Gears of War 2 reach rental top charts because those gamers where not dumb like the rest of us who bought the game because we took Gears 2 as a good game because of the succuss from Gears 1. Even B rated movies can hit top charts so that doesnt mean the game is good!