What's Your Most Prized Achievement/Trophy of 08?

Every single gamer must have felt a sense of pride at some point. Achievements and Trophies can cement this, giving you something solid (well, kinda) to show for your efforts. So which of your year's haul are you most proud of?

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Maxned3589d ago

I cant quite remember all of them but I guess two would be

1. Beating wave 50 of Horde on Hardcore
2. Getting all of the notes in Showdown Town

GiantEnemyCrab3589d ago

"Beating wave 50 of Horde on Hardcore"

Yup, that's one for me as well.

XxZxX3589d ago

I will say crabhouse slaughterfest platinum trophy and giant crab cakes, anyone? gold trophy on Genji: Day of Blades.

Peter Griffin3589d ago

gettin all trophies in Stardust HD

lsujester3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Mine was my very first trophy. It was nothing special, but the fact that Sony was finally rewarding gameplay was a treat all its own.

dantesparda3589d ago

On Perfect Dark Zero, has got to be the hardest game this generation on the hardest setting, good luck.

Conan9973588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Beating Zico's time and Livey Liberation on Wipeout HD

He's good but i'm faster

SullyDrake3588d ago

My Platinum Trophy for COD:WAW.

lociefer3588d ago

the OMGWTFBBQ resistance 2 trophy took me some time to get , but i finally have it

ShinMaster3588d ago

Platinum Uncharted!

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Aaron Greenterd3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

At Microsoft, our most prized achievement is the fact that during this generation, we have strung out more gamers than ever before with our ticking time-bomb like hardware, scratched disks, accessories that make cell phones blush, very expensive downloadable content (for us and the gamer), and choking online subscription fees.

With the Nintendo Wii only selling to retirement homes and Maternity wards, and the ps3 selling to nobody, our future is bright that we will continue to nickel and dime gamers, taxing their income, finances, and their very souls to continue their gaming habit.

Just remember to give Microsoft the first portion of your check...not after the deducts, not after the social security, not after the hospitalization, and the malnutrition. Not after all these things on your check...If you say, "I'm gonna give Microsoft a little of what's left..." then that's what your gonna get from Microsoft.

moja3589d ago

You goin' chicken huntin?

NewScratch3588d ago

to jump that shark, did i miss something in earlier posts today? greenterd was rock solid i though...

Ice2ms3589d ago

R.I.P. John Shepard - Gold ( Resistance 2 )

>.< it was my first gold ( I know I suck )

The Swinger - Fable 2

Lol just got a load of hookers brought them to my mansion got the achievement then killed them all xD good times.

ThichQuangDuck3589d ago

By far after facing all those button mashers reaching rank 30 felt very successful and didnt button mash to do it. Had to stand while doing the final round because I was so excited

tatotiburon3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

My Prized achiviements of 2008? well my top 10 are:

10. Feat of a Thousand Obliterations ( Ninja Gaiden 2)
9. You're special!/Tricked Out (Pure)
8. Sith Lord (Star Wars: TFU)
7. On the spot (Fifa 09)
6. On the clock (Mirror's Edge)
5. Mystery of the Swords (Soul Calibur 4)
4. Key To The City (GTAIV)
3. Hoard the Horde (Gears of War 2)
2. Gunslinger (Cod: WW)
1. Hardened War Hero (Cod: WW)

Great year, a lot of great games, current gamerscore 33,804g

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