Taiwan Unwilling To Support CBHD; Dedicated To Blu-ray writes: According to reports, manufacturers based in Taiwan have decided to not support the rival CBHD format in China. Citing failures of previous China-based optical disc technologies (EVD) and non-Hollywood supported technology (FVD), they have decided to stick with only supporting Blu-ray, leaving questions as to how long the proprietary format will last.

The technology, which is based off the now defunct HD DVD format, was meant to be a rival high definition format that was owned by China. Since it launched, no Hollywood studios have supported the format, severly limiting the amount of titles available. Additionally, players retail for over $400, meaning that they cost significantly more that similarly featured Blu-ray players.

In other words, manufacturers aren't expecting a format war to break out in China.

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eagle213804d ago

Blu-ray kicks ass yet again. :)

Peter Griffin3804d ago


sunnygrg3804d ago

I can buy a 80GB with $400.

UltimateIdiot9113804d ago

No one needs or want another format war. It's over, it's been over.

eagle213804d ago

Just face it, Blu-ray RULES. :)

_Q_3804d ago

It can kill a dead format multiple times XD

thereapersson3804d ago

Bubbles for that comment. That was hilarious.

kittoo3804d ago

Totally awesome and hilarious....bubbles bro....

XxZxX3804d ago

doesn't matter in china, whichever the pirate adopted,that format will win. The pirate can put the sh*ttiest quality of film and sell it as HD.

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