Vetro Tom Clancy's: End War - Xbox 360 Review

Although briefly attempted last generation, one of the more recent genres to attach itself to the console market has been Real Time Strategy. A stalwart of PC gaming for decades, the genre hasn't made a particularly smooth transition over to the rather more limited control system that consoles offer, and with nearly all console RTS games being PC ports, people that could opted to play them on the PC instead and people that couldn't tended to avoid them for more immediate and satisfying offerings.

But perhaps it's in this attitude to directly porting RTS games and struggling to map a keyboards worth of buttons onto a gamepad that developers have got it wrong. Perhaps the RTS can be adapted and built from the ground up to be a worthwhile console experience. Endwar is an RTS game that just happens to be a console exclusive, and it's one of the very few games ever made to require the use of a headset as the primary control device.

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