Revealing Like a Dragon: Ishin, out February 2023

Become the most famous revolutionary in Japanese history and bring an end to the samurai era.

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Nyxus83d ago

Finally this is coming to the west, awesome!

SimpleSlave83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

What's with the name change? Why is SEGA always doing weird shit with the Yakuza franchise? They took years to brings them to the west. They changed the name of the series to Judgement. Now they change the name of this amazing take on the series to the one used in the inferior spin off "Like a Dragon"...

Weird, but at least this is the real Ishin and not a shitty turn based remake. It's also too bad that Yakuza Kenzan! might never see an official English release.

Nyxus83d ago

'Like a Dragon' is actually a direct translation of the Japanese title of the series.

SimpleSlave83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Don't be that guy...seriously. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Resident Evil is called Biohazard in Japan. It is?!?! Wut? Crazy...

Anyways, the games are known as Yakuza outside Japan, yes? Yes. So, in the interest of name recognition, branding and all that complicated stuff, mayhaps keeping the Yakuza name would've been in their best interest...

I don't know, call me crazy, but what do you think? Make sense right?


Nyxus83d ago

"Don't be that guy...seriously. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Resident Evil is called Biohazard in Japan. It is?!?! Wut? Crazy..."

Okay, you made it sound like you didn't know. And I think the name is fine.

SimpleSlave83d ago

" made it sound like you didn't know." No, you just jumped to conclusions.

"And I think the name is fine." Not the point.

Being obtuse is not a positive status effect...

VersusDMC83d ago

There's no way they don't make Kenzan as well. Specially since they can reuse assets from Isshin. It's guaranteed.

SimpleSlave83d ago

I feel like having Ishin! release before Kenzan! might mean that either Sega is not interested or Kenzan's fate will depend on how Ishin does here. But seeing as it would've made more sense to release them both together, I don't know. I have a feeling we might have to wait for a fan made English patch.

Hopefully I'm wrong and Kenzan is being worked on or maybe Ishin does amazing and Sega gets to it. But seeing is this is Sega it will either happen or it'll take 14 more years to come out...we'll see I guess.

VersusDMC83d ago

I was unaware kenzan released first only on PS3. And Ishin was PS3 and PS4 after.

It might have been easier to remake the one with a PS4 version first to gauge interest.

Either way we got one and both games are centuries apart so they are stand alone.

Make sure you buy Ishin day one to get the kenzan green lit.

Vengeance113883d ago

What are you even talking about, Judgement has absolutely nothing to do with Yakuza. Both series are entirely seperate things.

goldwyncq83d ago

Lost Judgment spoils one of the biggest twists of Like a Dragon.

SimpleSlave83d ago

Last time I played Yakuza 6 I don't remember it being a turd based rpg. As far as I'm concerned the official Yakuza series ended with 6 and now is being spiritually continued by Judgement. First came Shenmue, then Yakuza, then Judgement.

As far as I'm concerned that other game is just an April Fool's joke gone sexually wrong...

andy8583d ago

I wouldn't call Like a Dragon an inferior spinoff. Wasn't it one of the highest rated of the whole series

neutralgamer199283d ago

Highest rated but don't tell us that because we the fans have been supporting these games for way way longer than current series fans and we got the short end of the stick


From what I understand judgement moving forward is for old school Yakuza fans while like a dragon will be Turned based

SimpleSlave83d ago

Not only was it the highest rated but the highest selling as well. Don't forget that...

And yet I still would call it the inferior game.


andy8583d ago

@neutralgamer1992 I thought it was outstanding. The series needed a refresh and at least they kept the combat option with the Judgment series.

goldwyncq83d ago

It makes sense because there aren't any Yakuza in the game.

neutralgamer199283d ago

Yakuza Kenzan has a higher chance now with this remake

SimpleSlave83d ago

This is Sega after all. It may happen, it may not. But if it does, will it take another 14 years for it to come out?

We'll see I guess.

gintoki77783d ago

Maybe you are being a bit eccentric in your responses but you may be correct in your notion that simply calling the series Yakuza in the west is better as that is what people are used to. However, it seems to be like a rebrand by Sega that was not explained well. Maybe for the games that are not mainline they are going with the (Ryu ga gotoku) which indeed does mean (like a dragon) in Japanese. Anyway whether or not it is a good idea is something up for debate.

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neutralgamer199283d ago

Man this game is been on most wanted lists of Yakuza fans for years now and to see if come via a remake is amazing

Hopefully this means one day more Yakuza Japanese games could come to the west. Maybe I am the only one but Yakuza dead souls remake with updated Controls and no loading times sounds awesome too

YDS has one of the best most touching zombie stories especially when they make it seem like majima is done 😂

STARS83d ago

What a way for Sony to start out the year in 2023, really looking forward to this!

Profchaos83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I was excited but confused with the name is the gameplay going to be like yakuza like a dragon turn based?

Obviously I'm not a franchise die hard just someone who liked what they saw today

neutralgamer199283d ago

We have waited for this game and asking for even a straight up port of remaster for a long time

I am happy with a remake

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