Tekken 8 - State of Play Sep 2022 Announcement Trailer

"Get ready! TEKKEN 8 is coming."

whitbyfox257d ago

This was the only good thing of the whole thing.

Nyxus257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Are you kidding? Yakuza Ishin coming to the west? Stellar Blade? Rise of the Ronin? Synduality looks interesting too, and the God of War trailer of course.

Sirk7x256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Tekken 8 was huge, but it's also multi-plat. GoW, we already knew about it, and I was going to buy it anyways. Stellar Blade is something I'd check out on sale, if it had great reviews. And for Rise of the Ronin, I've played so many Team Ninja games(most of them actually), and I just...always lose interest. They're decent developers, but ever since the beginning nothing they've put out has truly gripped me to the point where I would say it's a great game and recommend it to others. Save maybe for the original Ninja Gaiden, that was such a blast on Xbox. But yeah, oh yay, another open world samurai game lol. I'd rather just replay Elden Ring.
Then again, I'm just really disappointed with gaming in general this year. Other than Elden Ring, the best game this year for me has been Cult of the Lamb, and as good as that was, it's buggy as hell with regular lock-ups and crashes. That's really saying something.

fr0sty256d ago

The original Ninja Gaiden was on arcade and NES, technically.

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Flawlessmic257d ago

This, god of war and way of the ronin all looked fantastic 👌👌👌

ApocalypseShadow257d ago

Tekken looks like it has great potential. But there was more there.

Ronin, Like Dragon, GOW, Demeo port to PS VR 2 that's great if you like D&D, etc.

There was more there in those 20 minutes.

Elda257d ago

Tekken 8 looks good but nothing compared to GOW which looked fantastic along with Stellar Blade. Ishin looks fun & 2024 Ronin looked good as well.

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CaptainHenry916257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

This and Rise of the Ronin. I'm more interested in new games and new IPs

curtain_swoosh257d ago

state of play was, overall, better than the direct.

direct had alot of life simulation games haha

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EvertonFC257d ago

It's ok , I'm sure GP will be fine 🤭

Flewid638256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Project Eve looked amazing

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Tetsujin257d ago

I hope there's some guest characters like 7 had. And my boy Tiger Jackson makes a return.

curtain_swoosh257d ago

i want Tifa as a playable character.

Nyxus257d ago

"This trailer was actually taken directly from a certain part in the current work-in-progress Tekken 8’s story mode, played on PlayStation 5. In other words, all the character models, backgrounds, and effects are the same ones that are used in-game. Although this was captured from the story mode, it is not a pre-rendered movie made for the trailer but rather real-time rendered footage, running at 60 frames per second, similar to how you would experience the game in versus battle modes."

Epicor256d ago

This game looks really really good. I haven't purchased Tekken game in a long time because the game has always felt like it has developed only incrementally. But this looks like a major step forward graphically!

chrisx257d ago

When they started fighting immediately with the same graphics, I was like oh shit! Looks really good

Orchard257d ago

SF6 and T8 both look great. We are being spoiled for fighting games in 2023.

sourOG257d ago

If MK12 gets announced I’m gonna lose my shit. Possibly a capcom versus game? It will be one of the best years in fighting game history level hype.

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