The Enduring Legacy of GoldenEye 007

With the news that Rare will remaster GoldenEye 007 for Xbox and Nintendo Switch, TechStomper looks at the groundbreaking N64 shooter's enduring legacy

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RavenWolfx194d ago

Groundbreaking multiplayer game, but severely dated controls. I hope they alter the controls to be more modern.

PrimeVinister194d ago

They would have to. I loved it back in the day but couldn't relearn the controls.

PrimeVinister194d ago

Would like to add, you can do dual analog by using two controllers. It's not too bad but you only player two-player max. that way.

Orchard194d ago

They've confirmed that the Xbox version will have updated controls, including twin stick controls.

For NSO, since it's just the ROM emulated, it will probably play like the original.