European LittleBigPlanet MGS DLC Delayed

Despite Media Molecule creating what is perhaps the most awesome DLC content ever, for any game; Sony have managed to disappoint the community by not releasing it on the day on which they announced they would.


After a short but frustrating delay, the Metal Gear Solid Premium Level and Costume Kits are now available on the European PlayStation Store.

Europeans can now join in the paint balling fun with American friends over the pond.

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heroicjanitor3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I wanted this but still this is better than a slap of a wet lettuce behind the ear isn't it?

Peter Griffin3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

so when SONY WHEN?!?!??!?!

wow, Sony really doesnt understand how much money they couldve just had

S.O.N.Y: Sony Owns Next Year

HighDefinition3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )


Nevermind, it`s coming.

kharma453587d ago

How can something that was never given a release date in the EU be delayed?

Sarcasm3587d ago

Delaystation! Exclusive to Europe.

Sorry my European brothers. There's a spot here in california for you guys in the land of SCEA.

whoelse3587d ago

Oh great they are adding fuel to the huge huge fire.

christian hour3587d ago

THE MIGHTY BOOSH! Going to see thier new live show for a second time! You see it yet?

MazzingerZ3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

1.- How many of the ones always complaining are European residents?
2.- If European resident, then I assume you have already played the hell out of GTi Club+, Crash Commando and Söldner-X
3.- If you don't care about the games above then I assume games are only relevant when delayed so you have something to complain about

...I don't know you guys but I have enough games to play, x-mas is tomorrow so I don't think my PS3 will be on anyway...

Please count me out of the list of European/Scandinavian "affected"

Merry x-mas

BrianC62343587d ago

Did SCEE put the rest of their stuff on their store today? Last week on the SCEA blog they said Europe would get the MGS stuff too but on the day their store gets updated. They didn't say it would be the same day as the US store gets it.

XxZxX3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Don't blame Sony, blame so many languages need to be correctly translated at the same time just for launching. someone f*cked one language everybody has to wait. In US, it is much easier. One language, English

BrianC62343587d ago

"Don't blame Sony, blame so many languages need to be correctly translated at the same time just for launching. someone f*cked one language everybody has to wait. In US, it is much easier. One language, English"

That is the reason most of the time but I don't think it is this time. Maybe SCEA is just faster at releasing this stuff than SCEE. It's supposed to be out in Europe the same week as in the US but not the same day.

XxZxX3587d ago

well first they need to get all the language translated to those languages in EU, then the localization will be need to go through QA and Legal Approval, one fail, it will stall the rest. I'm pretty sure the reason that this DLC get delay is one of the languages failed approval. No one including SCEE want to miss holiday rush, I don't think it's by choices. But one thing we are certain, the english version got approved and cleared.

Downtown boogey3587d ago

if I download it from the US store and use it on my EU account?
I really need an answer! PLEASE!

Alvadr3587d ago

OH NO END OF THE WORLD. Get over it, it will probebly be here today.

MazzingerZ3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Don't bother...people say it's just an excuse from PS3Fanboys or SCEE...including UK residents

UK residents don't see the benefits of the localization as they play the game in English

As a Swede I can say it's great what SCEEE does, X360 has almost ZERO localization for other languages than French, German, etc... they don't care about small languages like SONY does.

Only game in Swedish ever on the X360 was VivaPiñata...not even VP2 and the Banjo game were in Swedish...WTF? all kids in the world must learn english already when 6 or 7 according to them...

Just look at the search feature in LittleBigPlanet...change your system language to other than english...all the Tags are shown in the applicable language

There some hard work behind with cross references when tagging community levels

I work at the company that sell Business systems worlwide and I know that localization takes time, it's the last you do as the product can change as later as a week before going gold, you localize until the product is near ready.

...all the kids that complains think it's just a matter of copy + paste...

Mainly UK residents are the ones complaining, they don't see the benefits of SCEE locacalizations work nor the terrible localization for the X360 due to their native language is for them is like "The X360 has no problems with that, how come SCEE does?"

Nintendo is also terrible at that.

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butterfinger3587d ago

SCEE really needs to step their game up. I hope the US release hits on time.

warden9763587d ago

how hard can it be for SCEE to copy a bunch of files onto a server and update the store pages?

oh, hang on, if it's anything like coding for the ps3 is supposed to be then it's probably gonna be mega hard...


heroicjanitor3587d ago

That was a pretty fanboyish thing to say, I don't think you are upset at all!!! You are delighted

Downtown boogey3587d ago

What's up with the curb stomping, SCEE?

Breakfast3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Even though its incredibly happened.
Way to live up to your name delay...i mean playstation.


Peter Griffin3587d ago

hey would u like some bubbles wit ur breakfast?

Breakfast3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

(Im counting on 15 disagrees)


ultimolu3587d ago

...SCEE, I'm sorry but you guys suck. Stop screwing over the Europeans!

Coheno3587d ago

YEAH! This has gone on for waaay too long! God damn you SCEE!
And, while we're at it, where the hell is Super Street Fighter 2 HD Turbo Remix? Come the f*ck on!

ultimolu3587d ago

Yeah, it's not right or fair. There must be something that could be done in order to accomodate everyone in Europe.

Downtown boogey3587d ago

...until you know which thing to actually complain about! SOCOM Confrontation releases four months later in EU than the in US and R2 was over 3 weeks late in comparison to the US release date

NickIni3587d ago

and MM are British, but Europe still got LBP after America.

Racist I tells you. Racist.

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PirateThom3587d ago

Hardly delayed, our PS Store update wasn't today.

If not tomorrow/Thursday, then yes, delayed, but not going up early is not delayed.

tonynibbles3587d ago

de·lay (d-l)
1. To postpone until a later time; defer.

Officially announcing a date for it to be released internationally, and then not releasing it on that date.

That is the very definition of delayed.

PirateThom3587d ago

Announced on the PS Blog, which is for SCEA, for today. No European date given, ever. ASSUMED to be the same day, along with the rest of the store update.

warden9763587d ago

"Metal Gear LBP packs get date and prices confirmed for Europe"

PirateThom3587d ago

My apologies, didn't know that.

SCEE... what can be said?

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