GOA's 2008 Game Of The Year Awards

Well, another year has almost past and it is time to look back at this years Xbox 360 and PS3 releases and reflect on what has probably been the best year in gaming for some time, maybe ever! This means it is time to hand out the inaugural GOA Game Of The Year Awards. Click read more to see who won in each category and what we judged as the overall Game Of The Year.

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gamesmaster3638d ago

totally agree with mgs4 getting best sound and graphics. the visuals in that game were polished to perfection, the soundtrack was also immense.

nice to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

lokiroo4203638d ago

SO true, its kind of surprising seeing a decent award list on this site though, very rare indeed.

umair_s513638d ago

Get what you are saying, but I think that people have their own opinions.

felidae3637d ago

i think the sound in Dead Space is a little bit better.

cayal3638d ago

*Waits for the bias calls.*

3638d ago
Agent VX3637d ago

I ain't gonna harp on most of his picks, don't agree with all of them, but a case can be made for most of his picks and it comes down to "Opinion".

But the only one I have complete disagreement with is the Racing title category. There is no way that Motorstorm: Pacific Rift should of won, GRID is a noticeably better title. Not saying Motorstorm was bad, it was actually pretty good, but no way should win racing game of the year.

But otherwise, a decent GOTY list.

user8586213637d ago

pp has gears 2 won anything?? :S

zep3637d ago

glitch of the year men

felidae3637d ago

it doesn't need to win anything if the gamer enjoys it. Gears 2 is an amazing action shooter with tons of blood and beautiful graphics. if you don't like such games .. fine ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.