Five new screenshots of Mercenaries 2 on PLAYSTATION 3

Today Pandemic and Electronic Arts released five new screenshots of their new game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames for PLAYSTATION 3.

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Gamer134890d ago

Average graphics, but its early days and the developers should improve it alot before release.

IM OUT...///"""

Bhai4890d ago

When the gameworld is a sandbox(GTA-like), every viewable object and building on-screen is manipulatable...destructible, every vehicle is drivable including tanks, helicopters and even civilian cars, every event is driven through true physics and gameplay contains just about right fun factor of pick-up-and-play.......then mere visuals don't get the first priority.

You must have not played the original Mercenaries. It came in Jan. 2005, and by the standards of that time its visuals were downright ugly, especially if compared to what Rockstar had achieved in sandbox titles through GTA series. But just out of the insane amount of features it sold quite well, got some awards and ranked real high !

techie4890d ago

Last gen graphics!? Jaggies!?

AppleSlime4890d ago

But, damn, those textures look trashy. Graphics aren't everything, though. I know i'll still play it.

power of Green 4890d ago

PS2 game with less jaggies.

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The story is too old to be commented.