Test Proves Both PS3 and Wii Have Many Operational Hurdles [Video Version]

Nikkei Electronics purchased the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Wii packages and examined the user friendliness of each system's interface. Inviting five test participants, who have never used either the PS3 or Wii, they had them setup the hardware, initial settings and conduct basic operations, including starting and exiting a game and turning off the power of the main units. As a result, they found the game consoles have some operations that many participants had trouble completing or simply could not do.

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Maddens Raiders4894d ago

my thing to post first guys; however I found this article interesting - not by the seemingly imbocilic noobs testing these new systems (new to them), but by the varied reactions from both camps respectively. Somehwat sophomoric, albeit informative (5 people?) to a degree. =]

Silverwolf4894d ago

And they all road the short bus to the testing facility.

jerseynets044894d ago

their either amish or just dumb

techie4894d ago

Haha! I thought this was going to be stuff for how they could improve their interface...but no! It's how to teach your gran how to use modern technology. Look this is the same with anything new. I actually quite like the learning period of getting to grips with the new piece of hardware I've bought. I read all the manual and then turn the baby on.

REALZILLA4894d ago

These independent test make me laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.