Game subscription service Ubisoft+ is free from now until October 10

It includes over 100 games, including premium editions and DLC.

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gamerz85d ago

A Ubisoft subscription is like miles of crap as far as they eye can see.

Knushwood Butt85d ago

I recently downloaded Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and was looking forward to trying it out. I boot it up, and I literally can't play it without creating some kind of Ubisoft account first. **** that.

darthv7284d ago

wouldn't you need to have an account in order to download it?

Knushwood Butt84d ago

@ Darth

I have PS+ Extra and downloaded it via that.

However, the game won't let me play it before I create some dedicated account in Ubisoft's system. I forget what it's called. The same thing it wanted when I tried to Play Far Cry 4 online.

Flewid63884d ago

Only $15 and it introduced me to the entire AC franchise on PC. Grabbed a few Ghost Recon games as well. Well worth it.

Germaximus84d ago

They're not for keep but it is a cool deal.

Flewid63883d ago

Yes you can buy those games. After trying several of them on Ubisoft+ I ended up buying some.